A rebrand and new services

To say I've missed you all is quite an understatement. This year has been wonderfully busy with a new business, a wedding, a pregnancy, and a month(or months)-long honeymoon vacation. It's been a whirlwind of sorting out priorities, setting big goals and dreaming about how the rest of the year will pan out. It's been scary. And it's been wonderful.

But mostly it's been a real tipping point for Freckled Design Studio. I realised around May that I wasn't serving you, creative business owners and DIY freelancers in the best way I could. But life got a bit overwhelming and busy and I spent a long, long time defining  the internal and external factors that contributed to my brand. I wanted to be as honest and authentic as possible about the changes in my life and how they would affect my business, and ultimately you

New in Portfolio: FitnessFuel

I worked with Bogdan on this Romanian fitness drink brand and really enjoyed creating designs for this new-to-me market. We needed to create something that had outstanding shelf presence and would appeal to both male and female gym enthusiasts and entrepreneurs who have busy schedules but value nutrition and try to maintain a healthy lifestyle on-the-go.

After a few concepts were developed, we refined this logo as the primary brand visual and developed a combination mark and brand symbol, along with a bright and colourful palette.

New in Portfolio: Dark Wild Waters

I love working with femle entrepreneurs, but you already knew that!

I am so passionate about helping other women get their businesses off the ground and start making a difference in their industry. I get excited about their projects and knowledge and want to share it with anyone who is willing to listen. So it doesn't really need to be said that any opportunity I have to work with them on their branding is an opportunity I jump at.

Working with Marisa from Dark Wild Waters was no different. Also a designer (how tough is that), she was transitioning from freelance to business owner and wanted to work with me to create a brand that not only spoke her language but shone light on her passions and skills. Marisa really took her Brand Discovery Workbook to the next level and dug so deep it must have hurt! 

She meticulously defined her values, stylistic preferences and dream clients and we got to work creating the inspiration board. Filled with dark moody nature shots, it was a scary accurate visual representation of Marisa (oh, I didn't mention she's my sister?) and made us both giddy!

An In-depth Look at My Branding Process - Part 2: Inspiration Boards

And free inspiration board templates!

We started diving into my design process a few of weeks ago, focussing on the discovery phase of the project - from coffee date to my comprehensive Brand Discovery Workbook that gets to the very heart of your brand. This week I’ll break down the first step I take in this visual and branding journey.

My Brand Discovery Workbook comprises of 2 chapters, Let’s Get Real and Let’s Get Specific (PS You can download Let’s Get Real for free right here!). While the first part is all about defining who you are, what you do best and where you’re going, part 2 really allows you to get visual. At the outset, I ask my clients to make a secret Pinterest board and fill the board with the exercises I’ve developed. This means they’re pinning images that represent their dream clients, things that make their eyes sparkle and heart skip a beat and gut inspirations of colour, texture and type treatment.

When they’re done with the workbook, they send me an invite to collaborate on their board and I get to peek inside the very soul of their business. And often, especially when I’m working with a friend I know well, it’s an honest and raw representation of them through images. It’s a lightbulb moment that has the potential to teach you things about yourself and I recommend it as an exercise no matter where you find yourself in your business or branding journey.

Anyway, I digress! I’m allowed access to their secret board and their hard work always blows me away. After a Skype meeting to go through the workbook and make sure we’re both on the same page, I head over to Pinterest and start gathering inspiration. I look at the board as a whole and take note of the mood, colours and textures that prevail. I weigh them up against the values and tone that guides their brand and pick the strongest images out.

An In-depth Look at My Branding Process - Part 1

(And a free sampler of my Brand Discovery Workbook!)

Thinking about a recent post where I discussed how difficult it can be to know what questions to ask when making an enquiry, reviewing a proposal or chatting about the work you’d like to have done when it’s not your industry, I’ve decided to go a little bit deeper into my design process on the blog in a 6 part series.

I understand the struggle trying to get information out of a professional when you don’t anything about their process or work and this frustration can leave both parties exhausted. Not feeling heard or understood by a professional you’re interviewing for what you perceive to be a very important job will likely make you find someone else who coaches and guides you  in a way you understand. I know. I went through this struggle trying to find an accountant recently. After making contact with a few I was looking for guidance on what questions I should be asking after I’d supplied the necessary info. I didn’t want a few numbers that weren’t justified and I really wanted to feel safe in their knowledge.