10 Ways to Use your New Brand Identity

Going through the branding (or rebranding) process is wonderful and exciting! And undoubtedly the best part of having a new look is showing it off.

It’s worth remembering that your client or customer will seldom be viewing your brand as an isolated logo. And while having your logo designed is what you imagine brand styling to be all about, your brand really comes alive (and all together) in the execution of the touchpoints.

Think about how your client will interact with your brand. It will often be through a blog post graphic on Pinterest, a services menu downloaded, your email signature and, definitely, your website itself. Think of this space as a chance to reinforce your brand values, connect with and engage your clients and showcase your brand’s unique voice.

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An In-depth Look at my Brand Styling Process

I've taken a lot of time during my rebrand late last year and during my maternity leave to refine my branding process so that:

  • You can get everything our of your heart and on paper before the project even begins by giving them you tools you need to develop the inside of your brand (your ideal clients, biggest goals and dreams, voice, values, dream days and vision)
  • You always have a clear idea of the project timeline - what deliverables you can expect and when your feedback is due
  • You aren't overwhelmed with too many decisions or choices but rather guided in a collaborative way to get the best possible branding solution for your business   
  • You get everything you need to manage and market your brand with confidence at the end of the project
  • I offer you the best experience in your 3-week branding project and all of my attention
  • This has been the best part of getting back into the swing of things in the studio. I've made things easier and way more fun for you and myself!
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10 Things My Day Can't Be Successful (or Awesome) Without - Mum Edition

At the very end of last year, I welcomed our baby boy into the world. It's been exciting, busy, amazing, frightening and wonderful! And this is my very first blog post after maternity leave. I took 3 months vacation, spending quality time with my little monster. And then I took 3 months to get back into the swing of things at the studio! 

And now, with a few exciting projects behind me, I'm dipping my toes into the social medias of my business again.

And first I wanted to rewrite my most popular blog posts, making them more relevant to where I am now and also offering a peak into the daily life of running a business and having an infant. Because those days look really different to those described in the first post!

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Resources for DIY Creatives and Business Owners

I knew I wanted to create something special for my fellow freelancers. Something that helped them in this incredible journey, shared some top tips and insight and also gave them some seriously actionable steps.

Enter, The Ultimate Freelance Preparation Workbook.

This free resource was a real labour of love. And it was downloaded over 2000 times! What?! The feedback was just amazing! Freelancers were reaching out, sharing how it helped them organise their new business and products or services. And while this resource is no longer available for free download (look out for a re-launch by the end of the first quarter of 2017!) I've been super busy developing more useful, affordable and beautiful DIY freelancer services for you!

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A rebrand and new services

To say I've missed you all is quite an understatement. This year has been wonderfully busy with a new business, a wedding, a pregnancy, and a month(or months)-long honeymoon vacation. It's been a whirlwind of sorting out priorities, setting big goals and dreaming about how the rest of the year will pan out. It's been scary. And it's been wonderful.

But mostly it's been a real tipping point for Freckled Design Studio. I realised around May that I wasn't serving you, creative business owners and DIY freelancers in the best way I could. But life got a bit overwhelming and busy and I spent a long, long time defining  the internal and external factors that contributed to my brand. I wanted to be as honest and authentic as possible about the changes in my life and how they would affect my business, and ultimately you

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How I forgot about myself and lost my voice

You may have forgotten about me

That's okay. To be honest, I forgot about me also. I got myself caught up in way too much research and inspirationbelieving hustle is a necessary part of the job and sacrificing activities that inject me peace, rest and creativity.

And that's not a good place to be in. For me or for you. When we lose our sense of self - our personal and brand voice - we melt away into the busy and chaotic sea of other entrepreneurs who are bringing their A-game to make a name for themselves. We are silenced by the deafening waves of courses, content and marketing strategies crashing around us. We get so caught up in the nets of confusion and idea-overload that we swim in circles, frantically trying to free ourselves from self-induced panic.

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