Resources for DIY Creatives and Business Owners


I knew I wanted to create something special for my fellow freelancers. Something that helped them in this incredible journey, shared some top tips and insight and also gave them some seriously actionable steps.

Enter, The Ultimate Freelance Preparation Workbook.

This free resource was a real labour of love. And it was downloaded over 2000 times! What?! The feedback was just amazing! Freelancers were reaching out, sharing how it helped them organise their new business and products or services. And while this resource is no longer available for free download (look out for a re-launch by the end of the first quarter of 2017!) I've been super busy developing more useful, affordable and beautiful DIY freelancer services for you!

So, if you’re a new freelancer and ready to start marketing yourself, you know you need a logo. I mean, a good logo. Like,a nice one. A logo that doesn’t blend into the background, one that ensures you stand out.

It exists, my lovely freelance friend!

Because I’ve hand(mouse)made a selection just for you. These premade branding solutions are extensive, offering a primary, alternate and submark version of the logo, as well as a Pinterest-worthy one-page style guide to keep you on top of your brand assets.

Oh, and did I mention custom patterns? 3 of them! For all your stationery requirements.

To hook yourself up with one of these all you need is the following:

  • a brand name
  • a colour palette
  • a preference of logo


Click the pictures to view the full brand. And read the FAQs here too!

In addition to the Premade Branding Solutions, I'm also working on The Freckled Library. This helpful resource will provide you with all your business stationery needs, where your new branding can be effortlessly applied. And if you don't have access to Adobe software to edit these templates? I offer editing for $15, allowing you spend more time on what you do best, anyways!

In addition to these wildly useful templates, I’ve stocked the library with rocking office printables (because even if it’s a corner of your living room - been there - it should be pretty and inspiring) and business workbooks (to help you create the very best DIY brand you possibly can).

Every month I add 2 new items which keeps the content fresh and exciting!


And today marks my very last day of work before Master Finley arrives. Richard and I are obviously (and in equal parts) excited and terrified and just about as ready as we'll ever be! I'll be taking a 3-month maternity leave and will be back in the office, working on custom projects from 3 April. Until then, I'll be checking and replying to emails once a week and will still be accepting orders and editing requests for the Premade Branding Solutions.

Until then, have a most wonderful holiday season and I hope you enjoy this special time with your family and friends!

EDITED TO ADD: How did this happen? Almost 7 months later and, well, I seem to have never published this post past draft status! So obviously, my maternity leave is long finished, my little boy has a tooth and I'm still taking orders for the Premade Branding Solutions. And after this long blogging hiatus, I will be talking about my branding process (with some new and exciting changes) and more of the popular design and business resources. So we'll be in touch reall soon! xx