How I forgot about myself and lost my voice


You may have forgotten about me

That's okay. To be honest, I forgot about me also. I got myself caught up in way too much research and inspiration, believing hustle is a necessary part of the job and sacrificing activities that inject me peace, rest and creativity.

And that's not a good place to be in. For me or for you. When we lose our sense of self - our personal and brand voice - we melt away into the busy and chaotic sea of other entrepreneurs who are bringing their A-game to make a name for themselves. We are silenced by the deafening waves of courses, content and marketing strategies crashing around us. We get so caught up in the nets of confusion and idea-overload that we swim in circles, frantically trying to free ourselves from self-induced panic.

I believe we're worth more than that. We deserve to be heard and seen and to share our knowledge and skills with abandon. We're good enough to be setting ourselves apart and using an authentic voice. We're worthy of all that running a business or having a freelance career has to offer.

We just need to start.

When it comes to starting, I am my own worst enemy, sabotaging my project by waiting until I can envision every outcome, am certain about every detail and know, for sure and for certain, I won't fail. Are you the same?

Because, the thing is, we can't know we won't fail. There are no guarantees in business and there certainly aren't any in life either. So why are we so hung up on whether everything goes according to plan instead of adapting and evolving as we go? Why isn't being flexible more important that being right?

So this week I've decided to implement something that scares me. Something that I haven't spent weeks simmering over. I had an idea, I developed it and now I'm launching it into the world without wasting time wondering how it could all go wrong. Instead, I've invested that time working out a plan to make it go right. Working towards the most positive outcome rather than the negative. And even as I'm writing this, it feels good. It feels liberating and makes me feel strong.

Like the strong woman I am. Like the strong entrepreneur I am. And the strong designer I am.

And I want you to feel that too! So I'm encouraging you to take empowering steps to throw that fear/anxiety/vulnerability overboard and just start

What's my exciting endeavour, I hear you asking, and I'm so glad you did. Because I'm taking a break. A really. long. European. break. away from business and life in Cape Town to enjoy the first 4 weeks of married life, totally stress-free. And that's not even why I'm excited.

I'm excited because in the 2 months I have left before that break I'm running a promotion, to help you as much as I can in that time and give you the tools you need to ditch the fear, embrace your voice and develop a strong brand to guide you through calm and rough seas alike. I'm here to develop a visual branding system that will change the future of your business, if you let it.

I only have 6 brand styling spots available, each with a Monday start date and I'm ready to book your project! 

promotion closed

And if you're thinking you need to see some other brand styling projects, I'm way ahead of you! The portfolio has had a bit of an overhaul in the last 2 weeks and I've been so excited to share it with you! So head over here to see my recent projects! And don't forget to get in on the Instagram action where I share some sneak peeks of my current projects.

And now it's your turn! What's been your biggest stumbling block in starting? And how has not starting been a part of you losing your voice? I want to hear from you so don't forget to share in the comments!