A boutique graphic design studio in Cape Town, South Africa, that specialises in brand styling and packaging design for small business & creative entrepreneurs

You’re ready to make a difference in your industry

to get noticed online and start attracting your dream clients.
You’re ready to build the brand of your dreams.

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You’re ready but you’re just not there yet. You haven’t developed a brand identity that shares your unique story and allows you to book more clients and services, while commanding the prices you know you deserve. You know and understand your industry so well as you’ve grown over the last 2 years but need to redefine the “inside” of your brand.

I help my clients get to the very heart of their brand. I give you the tools you need to define everything that makes your brand unique and exciting and then we work together to develop an outstanding visual branding system to take your brand to that next level. A brand that’s not only irresistible to you, but also to your dream clients.


Freckled Design Studio works with businesses (and owners) who are established, understand their industry and have outgrown their DIY brand. These passionate entrepreneurs and creative problem solvers are ready to invest in their brand, take the time to build something lasting and memorable and are overwhelmingly ready to connect with their dream clients.

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Custom Brand Styling Package

This branding package visually illustrates the “inside” of your brand with custom design elements. Freckled Design Studio’s approach is holistic, first working with you to define your goals, voice and vision and to understand what sets you apart so we can make it your biggest marketing tool. Then in the second part of the process, we translate those foundation elements into an outstanding visual branding system that tells your story in the most beautiful way.

You’ll be fully equipped with everything you need to market and manage your brand, allowing you to reach your dream clients and book more services.


What you'll get:

Logo Design

Custom design solution, made to order and tailored to fit your the heart and core of your brand, paired with a beautifully curated colour palette

2 Custom Pattern Designs

Think illustration, monograms, icons and more

3 Business Stationery & Marketing Touchpoint Designs

Business cards, note/thank you cards, envelope & liners, packaging tape, 3 page lookbooks, MailChimp newsletter template, blog graphic templates, pricing guides, 1 page PDF/worksheet, services menu
Fancy yourself an Adobe creative? Let's get you running with some templates for AI and ID to allow your needs to grow with your business. 

Social Media Styling

Matching profile & banner images

Brand Guideline and Strategy Manual

For you and your team to have everything you need to maintain and grow your brand while remaining consistent



Are you ready to invest in your brand?

To dig deep and discover the core of your business and then allow me to translate it into a brand identity that is not only irresistible to you, but also to your dream clients?

I would love to hear more about your project and to see if Freckled Design Studio would be a good fit for you! Schedule a consultation call to chat through your branding needs.



What my clients have to say

Suddenly, there it was, I had guidance by someone who knew what she was doing. I had the full support of a professional, someone who completely understands shapes, textures, patterns, and typography. But more than that, I had a professional who truly wanted my business to prosper, and help me attract my ideal clients through the visual identity of my brand.
I also enjoyed the reveal of every artwork - my heart would skip a beat, and I would feel giddy with excitement knowing I’m about to see what my logo looks like, what my newsletter would look like, what my inspo board looks like and so on.
You are an amazing gem! Thanks for the work you do, and for the business you have created.
I am truly grateful to have met you because you have given me such great ‘design treasures’ in everything you have created as part of Mademoiselle Nomad’s visual brand identity. I cannot even explain how happy it made me feel.
— Beatrice Chan - Mademoiselle Nomad
Working with Lorin was an absolute dream come true. Having DIYed my branding for nearly 6 years, I realised the time had come for me to take my brand to the next level and hire a professional to enable me to move from blogger to business owner. Lorin had her work cut out for her in rebranding an established brand and creating something fresh and unique, while still maintaining my personality and love for everything feminine and pink.
Throughout the entire process Lorin was there to answer all my questions, ease my worries, and to give gentle nudges in the right direction when I was veering off track and wanting to bring in trending elements that would have made my new brand look like so many others.
I am so in love with the CGScreative, and in awe with how Lorin was able to translate my muddled thoughts and ideas into a brand that is polished and professional, while still being 100% me.
If you’re looking for someone you can trust with your brand, I highly recommend Freckled Design Studios for all your branding needs.
— Roxy Hutton - CGScreative
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Lorin has a gift of asking the right questions and drawing out your deepest thoughts with her thorough investigation of not only your business model, but your personality, your dream clients and your direction. She knew where I needed to go before I did. It was an eye opening experience and well worth every second spent with Lorin.
I don’t think Lorin could possibly have made it any smoother. I think her whole process is superior to most brand development, she expects you as the client to do some hard work too and be involved in the development of your brand. After all, it is your brand. I think Lorin did it just right and really knows how to make you feel comfortable, special and looked after.
She has a gift of dealing with people with grace, gentleness, understanding and then blowing you off your feet with the end result.
— Marisa Schaetzing - Dark Wild Waters