You’re a new freelancer, desperately trying to learn all the things, design your processes and make this your most profitable journey yet.

It’s exciting and possibly the best decision of your life!

But you’re feeling a little stuck. You know you need some rocking visuals. You know you need to present a professional appeal to book those clients and start selling yourself. 

And you know that you just can’t hire a professional designer right now. You don’t have the start up capital to invest in custom brand design. You’re not ready to commit hundreds or thousands of dollars in the infancy stages of your business. You’re still learning and growing and not ready to nail down the “inside” of your brand before trying your hand at all the things.

And I hear you. I mean, I was you. When I started out freelancing, I didn’t niche down, I was devouring all the business information and advice available and I was only focussed on booking clients. Any extra earnings went straight into savings because you’re dealing with a feast-or-famine beast right now and being able to meet your financial commitments comes first.

You’re not alone and I never want you to feel that way. This is an exciting part of the journey, filled with trial and error, lots of learning and growing and maybe a few tears (of joy and sadness).  And because I understand, I’ve created a few offerings tailor-made for you. They’re all about creating a professional brand to match your professional enthusiasm without investing your time (or money) until you’re ready.


The Freckled Library

This resource library has been hand-crafted with you in mind. I’ve filled it with business cards, invoices, workbooks, proposals, social media and blog post graphics, email signatures and letterhead templates. Because no matter how new or established you are, these are stationery items you desperately need in your business arsenal. And there’s no reason for them to be ugly, drab or boring. And there are so many reasons they should be cohesive, offering a professional and slick brand exterior.

All the templates are created in Adobe software (either Illustrator or InDesign) and comes with a 1-page guide on how to edit them quickly and effectively. Don’t have Adobe Creative Cloud? For a small $15 fee, I will edit a template with your brand assets (logo, fonts and colours you provide) and send you the print PDF files, so you can focus on what you do best, anyway!

In addition to these wildly useful templates, I’ve stocked the library with rocking office printables (because even if it’s a corner of your living room - been there - it should be pretty and inspiring) and business workbooks (to help you create the very best DIY brand you possibly can).

Every month I add 2 new items which keeps the content fresh and exciting!

Sound like everything you’ve ever dreamed of?

Premade Branding Solutions

Don’t be fooled by this slightly less catchy name. If you’re a new freelancer and ready to start marketing yourself, you know you need a logo. I mean, a good logo. Like, a nice one. That doesn’t blend into the background and has the capabilities to help you stand out.

It exists, my lovely freelance friend!

Because I’ve hand(mouse)made a selection just for you. These premade branding solutions are extensive, offering a primary, alternate and submark version of the logo, as well as a Pinterest-worthy one-page style guide to keep you on top of your brand assets.

Oh, and did I mention custom patterns? 3 of them! For all your stationery requirements.

To hook yourself up with one of these you need a brand name, a colour palette and a preference of logo.

it's. that. easy.