Working with Lorin was an absolute dream come true. Having DIYed my branding for nearly 6 years, I realised the time had come for me to take my brand to the next level and hire a professional to enable me to move from blogger to business owner. Lorin had her work cut out for her in rebranding an established brand and creating something fresh and unique, while still maintaining my personality and love for everything feminine and pink.
Throughout the entire process Lorin was there to answer all my questions, ease my worries, and to give gentle nudges in the right direction when I was veering off track and wanting to bring in trending elements that would have made my new brand look like so many others.
I am so in love with the CGScreative, and in awe with how Lorin was able to translate my muddled thoughts and ideas into a brand that is polished and professional, while still being 100% me.
If you’re looking for someone you can trust with your brand, I highly recommend Freckled Design Studios for all your branding needs.
— Roxy Hutton - CGScreative
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Lorin has a gift of asking the right questions and drawing out your deepest thoughts with her thorough investigation of not only your business model, but your personality, your dream clients and your direction. She knew where I needed to go before I did. It was an eye opening experience and well worth every second spent with Lorin.
I don’t think Lorin could possibly have made it any smoother. I think her whole process is superior to most brand development, she expects you as the client to do some hard work too and be involved in the development of your brand. After all, it is your brand. I think Lorin did it just right and really knows how to make you feel comfortable, special and looked after.
She has a gift of dealing with people with grace, gentleness, understanding and then blowing you off your feet with the end result.
— Marisa Schaetzing - Dark Wild Waters