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A boutique graphic design studio in Cape Town, South Africa, that specialises in brand styling and packaging design for small business & creative entrepreneurs

Your story

You’ve been figuring out this online entrepreneur thing for a while: refining your craft and services and building beautiful client relationships while experiencing steady growth. But you’ve reached a fork in the road.

You know you want to position yourself as an expert in your industry. It’s essential to your professional appeal. It also means you can raise your pricing structure to what you’re actually worth. And get more of those clients you love working with.

Not to mention how much you’d love to differentiate yourself from your industry peers. It’s not necessarily that you’re competitive (well, I guess when 30 Seconds hits the table after a few glasses of merlot...) but you’re different. You have different selling points, methods and styles.

You also spend the perfect amount of time day-dreaming grand goals and business ideas but when it comes to penning them - those real thinking-cap-required action steps - you feel like you’re floundering.

You’re struggling to connect with and engage in an honest and meaningful way. Probably because you just don’t have the confidence to market (or brag about) your brand.

Everything is starting to feel a little all over the show.

You’re ready for guidance. For someone to give you the tools you need to gain clarity and build out a consistent visual language that’s more you than that pair of shoes you drooled over yesterday.

You need a brand identity that speaks your values and shares your story and a designer who will understand your emotional investment in your brand and then invest plenty of her own feelings too.

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You are definitely

in the right place!

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My Story

Oh, hey!  I’m Lorin Galloway, a brand stylist and packaging designer empowering creative female entrepreneurs like yourself to embrace & boldly share their unique brand story by creating a visual language their hearts understand.

I get excited about empowering female entrepreneurs like you with a visual language and understandable strategy.

I’m all about finding the most beautiful way of sharing your unique story with the world and giving you the confidence to show it off. I’m passionate about guiding you through this exciting transition from DIY to profesh and giving you all the tools you need to create a build a beautiful, refined and oh-so-you brand.


Studio Philosophy

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Freckled Design Studio is focused on holistically creating visual languages for creative female entrepreneurs so that they feel empowered to embrace and market (and brag about) their brand story.

My design approach is deeply rooting in fully understanding your values, unique brand voice, mission and goals, and to enable us to extract all that juicy info we go through a comprehensive discovery process. At the end of the project you’re not only armed with a professionally and thoughtfully styled brand, you have a Strategy Manual and Brand Book outlining your mission, values, personality, communication goals and brand words to guide your writing and a thorough look at your ideal clients.

This means you have everything you need to draw the right crowd, feel confident in your marketing efforts, build trust with your audience, stand out in your industry and start reaching those dreamy goals.

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Brand Values

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01. community

means that I focus on building personal and lasting connections. I’m interested in the long-term success of my clients and work to uplift them through building a community of women who are impassioned, creative, strong and have a desire to be a part of a movement bigger than themselves. Women who are fierce in their beliefs and opinions. Women who are ready to encourage, uplift, teach and inspire.

02. balance

means that I prioritise what I value the most, so that I am always the best wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend and designer I can be. It’s about enriching my life with family and friends and allowing space for creativity to grow through the everyday.

03. nurture

means that I don’t cherish the superficial. I’m interested in consistently weaving meaning into my work and life and favour intent and substance over decoration.

04. creative expression

means that I am always working with my clients to develop original, inspired and beautiful concepts that are truly a reflection of themselves and their businesses. I consistently choose quality over expediency.

my design approach and style is
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Okay, so let’s recap.

You + Me = a crazy authentic and clarified brand with a visual language that delights, engages and converts.

i mean, that’s pretty amazing. just like you.

So move that pointer just a little farther to the right, click that button and schedule your free consultation call so together we can get to work creating a brand you love, that will love you right back.