A boutique graphic design studio in Cape Town, South Africa, that specialises in brand styling and packaging design for small business & creative entrepreneurs

Brand design and development studio with a knack for making strategy easy to understand and implement and delivering identities that are thoughtful, refined and compelling


Your story

You’ve got big dreams and an even bigger heart. When you’re not fantasising about what you business will look like in a few years, you’re scrambling to be and do everything for your brand. Because we both know it takes a serious amount of work and grind to keep a business moving forward - growing and enabling you to do what you love (and are exceedingly good at) every day. 

But right now, your brand, it’s not really very you at all. And, let’s be honest, it’s not attracting enough of them.

You know - them? Those clients and customers you just love working with. The ones that feel right, who are easy to talk to. The ones who value your skills, love your work and don't heckle over your prices.


Here’s the thing. Your brand isn’t strategically built around them. It’s not working with you to engage and convert and, at the end of the day, it’s not allowing you to make as many sales as you can/hope to/are capable of.

It’s in the way of you and those big dreams.

To change that, you need a good dose of strategy paired with design that’s tailored to your ideal audience.

Let me be frank: Strategy can be a scary concept.

One that you’d probably shy away from if you didn’t have someone on your team making it easy to understand and implement. Someone to guide you through a deep discovery process, offering every tool to help you get to the heart and soul of your brand.

Someone who cares about your story. And wants to help you share your story with your audience through a brand identity that is compelling, strategic and refined.

Someone who believes that your big dreams are more than achievable and that your big heart will allow you to build a brand you didn’t even imagine was possible.


Let’s tell your brand story, together.

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My Story

Hi, I’m Lorin Galloway, a brand designer and strategist on a mission to empower passionate, enthusiastic and big-dreamer entrepreneurs, like yourself, to embrace and boldly share your brand story.

Through careful research and considered strategy, I help build brands that are more than decorative. They’re effective in communicating your goals and values, tailored to your ideal audience and focused on the qualities that make you stand out in your industry.

I build brands that tell your story in the most thoughtful, beautiful and refined way, providing you with everything you need to draw the right crowd, feel confident in your marketing efforts and build trust.

I work from my studio in Cape Town, South Africa, with business owners all over the world who are ready to stand behind their brand with an unmatched confidence knowing its refined and beautiful design will grow with them through every season and share their story with an audience who is excited to hear it.


Freckled Design Studio cultivates meaningful and collaborative partnerships where clients become friends through a process of guiding, listening and careful, measured problem solving.


Clients love working with me because

  • I have a carefully developed and refined process

  • I’ve developed a knack for extracting your story and telling it in a refined, elevated way

  • I am sincere in my care and support for my clients, which goes beyond the duration of our project

  • I am passionate about building a community

  • I am accommodating while offering the best advice and support

  • I get serious about nurturing lasting friendships with clients

  • I am a fierce feminist

  • I am understanding and patient

  • I definitely want to listen more than talk

  • I don’t break promises

  • I’m all about sharing, oversharing and remaining absolutely honest and encourage you to do the same



compelling and strategic visual identity that’s truly aligned with your business goals and tailored to your ideal audience?