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A boutique graphic design studio in Cape Town, South Africa, that specialises in brand styling and packaging design for small business & creative entrepreneurs
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Brand design and development studio crafting stories in a meaningful way through careful research, considered strategy and thoughtful design.


I value

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My mission is to

empower entrepreneurs with clarity and confidence through design and strategy that is thoughtful, meaningful and refined.

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Clients love working with me because

I am a fierce feminist
I have a carefully developed and refined process
I am passionate about fostering a community women-owned businesses
I support community over competition
I support the #womensupportingwomen movement wholeheartedly
I get serious about nurturing lasting connections with clients
I exercise understanding when offering guidance and support

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Hi, I’m Lorin Galloway

working from my sunny home studio in Cape Town, alongside my handsome 2 year old son, husband, whippet and 3 hens.

A sometimes confusing blend of creative and analytical, I cultivate meaningful and collaborative partnerships where clients become friends through a process of listening, guiding, and careful, measured problem solving.

Armed with research and strategy, I work with them to build their brand in a more-than-decorative way. A brand that communicates their vision with the right audience and works to make them stand out in their industry. I work with them to extract and share their story in a meaningful way and with thoughtful design.

With a degree in fine art, and deep, twisted roots in print media, I love the hand-created element of my work and enjoy getting my hands all sorts of dirty. The inspiring and brave women I get to work with on a daily basis are widespread, spanning many timezones - seldom my own.

When I'm not at my desk, I'm usually running around in the garden with my son or preparing food in the kitchen, or simply being taken by the small, seemingly insignificant moments and trying my best to capture those stills in my heart forever.


How can I partner with you on this journey?

Brand Design + Development Partnership


Do It Yourself Strategy Guidebook

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