Cultivating confidence through brand intimacy so you can turn your passion into profit


I work to empower female business owners and entrepreneurs with clarity and confidence through design and strategy that is thoughtful, meaningful and beautiful. Design and strategy that allows them to stand proudly behind their vision and dreams, helping them craft the life they so desperately want to live. A life of balance and harmony, of caring and nurturing, of time and seasons, of work and play, of  children and families.

Whether you’ve just developed a new business or you have a DIY background, you’re struggling with positioning yourself in your industry. You’re not really sure what makes you different and you genuinely don’t know how to communicate it to your people.

Or, indeed, who exactly your people are. Your current audience don’t really resonate with you and they’re not super jazzed about what you offer.

So you end up feeling a little all over the show. A little confused. And a little disheartened. Which in turn makes you lack confidence in your brand and yourself, comparing your journey to others.

What you need is a good and emotional deep dive into your business. And another coffee. Warm this time please.

You need clarity, without spending time you don’t have (hello eternal mom-juggle) cobbling little bits of information together, gathered from various sources you’ve downloaded for free.

And, you need some kick-arse, thoughtful and beautiful branding that you and your people love. Obviously.


 I take this shit seriously. Your confidence and profitability.

And I take my role as a partner in your brand journey seriously, taking all the difficult how-tos and what-ifs and wtfs off your plate and providing a comprehensive resource on establishing a brand you’re proud of.

Lorin Galloway of Freckled Design Studio

Hello! I’m Lorin Galloway

working from my sunny home studio in Cape Town, alongside my handsome 2 year old son, husband, whippet.

A sometimes confusing blend of creative and analytical, I cultivate confidence through meaningful and collaborative partnerships. Being able to support my own dreams while helping you support yours is where the magic lies. Being available to lead, guide and, most importantly, listen, means we are developing a strong and tight-knit community of women in business who believe in the strength of sisterhood, the gift of uplifting others and the power we have in standing together. Women who are turning their passions into profit.

Armed with research and strategy, I work with you to build your brand in a more-than-decorative way. A brand that communicates your vision with the right people and works to make you stand out in your noisy industry.

When I'm not at my desk, I'm usually running around in the garden with my son or preparing food in the kitchen, or simply being taken by the small, seemingly insignificant moments that aren’t insignificant at all and trying my best to capture those stills in my heart forever.

Clients love working with me because

I am a fierce feminist
I have a carefully developed and refined process
I am passionate about fostering a community of women-owned businesses
I support community over competition 
I support the #womensupportingwomen movement wholeheartedly
I get serious about nurturing lasting connections with clients
I exercise understanding when offering guidance and support


Ready to turn your passion into profit?

Book your complimentary Brand Basics call where, together, we tackle your current strategy and where you’re struggling the most to connect with your ideal clients and customers.

You’ll walk away with an action step you can implement in your business immediately to start creating a brand experience that is more aligned to your people and results in a more confident you that boosts sales!