What to expect

My design process



Research, discovery & strategy

During the first stage of the project, you’re guided through a process of discovery so that we can truly understand your brand: mission, goals, values and clients. This is used to build a strong framework and strategy. It's also used to develop the creative direction, which guides every part of the design process. This will be proposed and approved before we get started on the next phase. 


Design + Styling

The design process gets underway with an intimate understanding of your business so that together we can create something that’s infinitely more powerful than decoration.

My single design solution process ensures that we’re crafting a brand identity that’s viewed through the lens of your audience and every appropriate application for your brand is considered and backed with intention and strategy.

After the brand design has been approved, we are ready to create depth and richness through the addition of any marketing pieces your business needs, from lookbooks to websites, packaging to stationery.


Strategy Manual and Brand Book

Here we piece together every piece of the puzzle to create an impactful and meaningful guide to representing your brand. It will cover and include:

  • Mission statement
  • Breakdown of your brand values
  • Your brand’s personality attributes
  • Communication goals
  • Guide to your brand voice
  • Brand buzzwords and copywriting springboard
  • Ideal client profile
  • Guidelines to using your graphic library to create a cohesive and considered brand presence
  • Suggestions of photography styling
  • How to use your brand colours



After the designs have been refined and feel perfect, you will be equipped with everything you need to launch and market your brand with confidence. In your brand’s arsenal, you’ll now have

  • A primary logo and a suite of alternate logo marks for every application
  • Patterns and textures for print and web use
  • Font suggestions and styling
  • Marketing pieces
  • Strategy Manual and Brand Book