How a meaningful visual brand begins with intimacy

A beautiful and meaningful visual brand begins with an intimate understanding of your unique story.

And we both know you want, need, a beautiful and meaningful visual brand. Not only because #businessgoals but because it works. You see it in the brands you follow. You see it in your industry. 

You see and experience as a consumer yourself that stories and connection are paramount and lead to strong emotional ties to a brand. 

But how do you create it, within your own brand? How do you create a powerful connection, a compelling story? How do you effectively target the right people and then create an experience for them that is honest and approachable but amazing and beautiful? And, importantly, an experience that results in sales and profit.

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A brand pop quiz

Tired and worn out from the online marketing trends (and more specifically content marketing and creating more and more and more when all I really want to do is not add to the noise you've already grown wary of) I designed and launched a quiz.

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My Design Philosophy

I don’t do superficial. I don’t do half-in. And I don’t do ‘just because’.

Here’s why.

It doesn't serve you best. Well, to be honest, it likely won’t serve you at all.

Being lovely to look at doesn’t mean that it will convert an audience. Or that it will even resonate with an audience, let alone an audience that you’re actually trying to attract and speak to and eventually sell to.

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