How I use a discovery workbook to create a brand that hits the mark every time

Here’s the bare truth of it: being honest and unafraid to share or show all of your cards early in the branding process makes for a smoother ride and a much more aligned-to-what-you-need-and-want visual brand identity.

But how do you get to the place where you can be honest  in your dreams, hopes and reservations? How do you get to share about what you know and, more importantly, what you don’t really know too well?

My branding process has 4 phases: Research, discovery and strategy; Design; Strategy Manual; Handover.

It’s during the first phase, Research, discovery and strategy, that I work with my beautiful clients to get bare, honest, intimate and real about their dreams, desires and reservations about their brand and business.

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Land more clients by defining your brand voice in 5 steps

What is brand voice?

Your brand voice is how your message, values and expertise are carried through your marketing, emails, copy, videos — all touchpoints for your brand. It’s the personality that your audience, your people, experience when they interact with you through in person or digital ways.

It’s how you communicate your brand to your people and how that communication makes them feel and is one very important aspect of branding, that goes is so intrinsically woven into brand visuals, there is no way I can see them separately.

So, how does it play a role in landing clients or customers? 


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My (not so) secret ways I schedule my time as a work-at-home business-owner mum

Hello, my name is Lorin and I’m a mum who runs her own business at home.

Okay, silly introductions aside, I’m writing this post because my time is at a premium. And whether or not your’re a mama,, I know your time is too.

So I wanted to share my not so secret ways I schedule my time as a work-at-home mom. And, I know we also love a good snoop, so I’ll go ahead and share my full daily schedule with you too!

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How to use stock photos to connect with your people

Have you ever wondered why you are drawn to specific graphics, images or colours? Have you noticed that something catches your eye more than others, awakens something inside of you that compels you to click through or read on?

That, my beautiful friends, is the power the visual. 

It’s no secret we exist in a highly visual world and with each passing update to any one of our favourite visual social medias (Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr), our demand for high quality images and the speed at which we judge content based on this only increases.

It’s magnificent. It’s frightening. And, at its core, it’s a marketing tool that you should be investing in.

So how can you harness this power and use to further share your brand story and compel the right kinds of engagement and interaction from the right kinds of people (your people!).

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An inside look at the Strategy Manual my clients receive and why it's so life- (and business-) changing

I won’t expect you to take my word for it, so I’m going to leave some feedback from my clients at the bottom of this post, but this strategy manual is pretty much everything you didn’t realise your brand needed.

And, perhaps, that’s because you didn’t realise you needed strategy. Or it could be because you didn’t realise the importance of getting said strategy out of your head (and in front of the eyes of an excited and skilled professional — hi 👋 — to refine).

Either way, this shit changes the course of your business because it’s so key in helping you turn your passion into profit.

That’s no small claim - I totally get it. So let me walk you through how.

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How a meaningful visual brand begins with intimacy

A beautiful and meaningful visual brand begins with an intimate understanding of your unique story.

And we both know you want, need, a beautiful and meaningful visual brand. Not only because #businessgoals but because it works. You see it in the brands you follow. You see it in your industry. 

You see and experience as a consumer yourself that stories and connection are paramount and lead to strong emotional ties to a brand. 

But how do you create it, within your own brand? How do you create a powerful connection, a compelling story? How do you effectively target the right people and then create an experience for them that is honest and approachable but amazing and beautiful? And, importantly, an experience that results in sales and profit.

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A brand pop quiz

Tired and worn out from the online marketing trends (and more specifically content marketing and creating more and more and more when all I really want to do is not add to the noise you've already grown wary of) I designed and launched a quiz.

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My Design Philosophy

I don’t do superficial. I don’t do half-in. And I don’t do ‘just because’.

Here’s why.

It doesn't serve you best. Well, to be honest, it likely won’t serve you at all.

Being lovely to look at doesn’t mean that it will convert an audience. Or that it will even resonate with an audience, let alone an audience that you’re actually trying to attract and speak to and eventually sell to.

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