A brand pop quiz

Tired and worn out from the online marketing trends (and more specifically content marketing and creating more and more and more when all I really want to do is not add to the noise you've already grown wary of) I designed and launched a quiz. 

The concept behind this is simple. You’re a mom working on turning your passion into a profitable business to support the life and vision you have for your family and yourself. Also, you’re tired. And you want to finish the last few sips of your cold coffee. Not download a 5 page pdf that will clog up your downloads folder and you’ll never get the chance to complete.

Enter, a 7 question, 3 minute quiz you can do on your phone. Something that requires little effort but rewards you with hard-hitting questions (not too hard, mind, we’re friends and I care about you) and personalized letters if you’d like them. 

The subject of my quiz wasn’t too hard to come up with. When I thought about the true essence of my brand and what I most desire for my clients and all the women I come into contact with, its confidence and intimacy. 

The 2 things I am most passionate about. The 2 things I value greatly in my life and business. 

But these concepts are loaded and building them is no small task that can be completed in a few minutes. But, cultivating them and planting that seed certainly can. 

So I decided to frame a series of questions that would help you establish how intimately you know your bran and, as a result, how confident you are in it. 

I worked with the team at TryInteract (shoutout to Jessmyn for being amazing!) who walked me through the platforms capabilities (wow) and the styles of quiz and templates available. As with all the other aspects of my brand experience, I wanted it to be custom and unique and feel like I am really with you, in person, sharing a bottle of wine. So I decided to start my quiz from scratch using the personality style. 

At its core, this means each answer is assigned an end result, and the result which gets the most answers is the result you fall into. 

I used the themes in the Strategy Manual I hand over to my clients to guide my questions. To me, this pdf really distills everything about your brand into 60+ pages through easy to understand strategy and design. And to my clients and myself, means complete clarity, confidence and understanding in their brand. So, using this to work back from was the best place for me to start. 

After I wrote all the questions and possible answers, I created the 3 different results or personalities, ranging from ‘feeling all the confidence’ to ‘not quite feeling that confidence’. Each result gives a you an action step, and if you choose, a few personal emails (although I prefer letters) that will help you cultivate confidence. 

It’s more important for me to be able to use this platform to develop meaningful relationships that I can nurture through email, than to use it to promote a service like my brand design and development package or a product like my Story of Your Brand guidebook. 

So I use the call to action button on the results page of the quiz to send you to Instagram where I love getting to know other mamas and business owners better!

Then, on the backend, I set up a action that would trigger tagging each email entry with their respective quiz result through integrating my Mailchimp account. This way I can segment my list when I create and send email campaigns that would help and guide them at their exact stage of business (and confidence). 

Since I had planned on creating and adding a quiz to my website, I created a space for it on my home page when I launched my rebrand and linked it to a cover page where I collected emails to announce its launch. 

All I had to do was change the button url to link to the quiz and it went live!

The platform itself is incredibly powerful and I know I’ve only just scratched the surface here with that I’ve created. To wrap up, for an idea that has been long in the making, getting set up in TryInteract, creating the quiz and launching it on my site was incredibly easy. And the feedback that I’ve got so far is that it’s been fun and personal to take, which really aligns so well to what I wanted to create already! 

Really, the only challenging part was the part that’s a always challenging: scheduling in the time to create and launch something for my business and myself rather than for a client. CEO status: in progress. Hahah.  

If you’re looking to add a fun and personal touch to your online marketing and get away from the slew of downloadables and freebies being offered and never used, I wholeheartedly recommend setting up a quiz for your audience. 

It’s easy, and fun, and you can use it as part of your marketing strategy to generate and convert leads. I mean, it’s pretty much exactly what you’ve been looking for. And if you’re ready to create your own or just want to find out exactly how you’d go about making your own quiz, you can head over here.

Have you taken my brand pop quiz or created one of your own, let me know in the comments! I’d love to geek out with you over this fun and interactive way of engaging an audience.