Land more clients by defining your brand voice in 5 steps

What is brand voice?

Your brand voice is how your message, values and expertise are carried through your marketing, emails, copy, videos — all touchpoints for your brand. It’s the personality that your audience, your people, experience when they interact with you through in person or digital ways.

It’s how you communicate your brand to your people and how that communication makes them feel and is one very important aspect of branding, that goes is so intrinsically woven into brand visuals, there is no way I can see them separately.

So, how does it play a role in landing clients or customers? 


When the same voice, the same personality, is speaking to your people, over and over, reiterating your core message through IG captions, video content, downloadable PDFs and opt-ins, emails, articles, you’re building trust by being consistent and having a signature style. Eventually, that signature style becomes what you’re known for. And when someone reads a sequence of words that you use often, or read something in the tone that you write in, they think of you. And that, at its core, is one of the key elements of branding.


Most especially when you are your brand, or when you’re a micro team of one or two people, those personalities become the brand personality and voice. And maintaining a level of ‘this is me’ can be so powerful. 

One of the most beautiful compliments I have been paid was being told, after finally meeting in person, that our interaction felt familiar and she felt as if she knew me through Freckled Design Studio’s writing and videos.

Wowzers, I was truly humbled but it totally drove home how important that authenticity can be. And when that word is finally fizzling out after having a real moment in the sun, I wish there was a better way for me to describe it. But with synonyms like accurate, original,  pure and dependable, I reckon authenticity is the best word for the job here.

When someone doesn’t see or experience a disconnect in how you share, speak, educate and connect between your on- and offline marketing efforts, you know you’ve stepped into the truest personal brand you have.

That doesn’t mean it is tailored, because of course it is. All of branding is tailored to your people and what they need, desire, enjoy and don’t enjoy. But it’s doing that mindfully, intentionally, to incorporate your personal values, verbiage, vocabulary, and vision.

How you can establish your brand voice

Step 01
Consider what your brand is

If your brand aspirational? Creative? Mature? Analytical? Bold? Formal? Complex? Warm? Loud? Energetic? What attributes could you give your brand, that you know you specifically have and that your people want?

Step 02
Consider what your brand isn’t

What is your brand not? It may be witty and fun, but not inappropriate. Or pragmatic but not hard-headed. Consider the most negative extreme of your chosen attributes, or perhaps what negative connotations they could hold. Those are things you likely don’t want to communicate to your audience.

Step 03
Then think about your actual voice, message and copy

  • My brand voice is —

  • My brand voice sounds —

  • My brand voice uses —

  • My brand voice asks —

  • My brand voice speaks in —

Step 04
Then think about vocabulary

What words do you want to describe your brand? How do you want your people to feel when interacting with your brand? Draw up a list of keywords or words that are important throughout your brand, are specific to your core message and based on the big result of your service or product.

Then draw up a list of associated words or phrases you could use throughout all copywriting and marketing efforts. Use this as your bank to deposit into when you’ve found something that really resonates with you and your people and to withdraw from when you need to connect with them through written or spoken content.

Step 05
Where to after that

I always recommend writing this out pen and paper style. But once you’ve finalised it and have a clear understanding of what you’d like to write up for each section, I believe that creating a deck or information you can look back on is so super important! Draw it up, simple and easy in Google Docs, print and have it close by on your desk so that you can really soak it in, learn it, look back at it and allow it to guide you through all of your brand communications!

In all reality, this is the goal, and my weeks don’t actually look like this. But it’s what’s scheduled on my calendar so that I can take active steps to making this my real day. Right now, and especially after the last 3 weeks with Finn being sick and off school and a flurry of Brand Basics calls and Woman’s Day Giveaway calls, this is definitely not my reality. But having caught up with most of my workload and emails, this is my goal for next term.

So there you have it - a real raw inside look at how I schedule my time as a work-at-home business owner mom. And I’d love to hear from you, what does your schedule look like? Do you have a productive and unproductive part of the day? And how do you manage your tasks in those times? Let me know in the comments!

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