My Design Philosophy

I don’t do superficial. I don’t do half-in. And I don’t do ‘just because’.

Here’s why.

It doesn't serve you best. Well, to be honest, it likely won’t serve you at all.

Being lovely to look at doesn’t mean that it will convert an audience. Or that it will even resonate with an audience, let alone an audience that you’re actually trying to attract and speak to and eventually sell to.

The magic lies in design that’s carefully crafted alongside, and guided by, strategy.

And before that magic can happen, before you can have a brand identity that is the perfect blend of beautiful and functional, you need to take a deep dive into everything ‘inside’ your brand.

You need clarity; understanding. You need to know your brand and your audience intimately. You need to discover your deeper meaning and strategise it. You need to be able to recognise your story so that you can effectively embrace it and share it.

This would look like:

  1. Identifying values that are important to you in business and life, refining them and crafting a reasoning statement for each using the formula value means that reason.

  2. Establishing what sets you apart by figuring out why your clients or customers love working with you, what you do or offer differently and why you’re good at what you do.

  3. Crafting a mission statement and tagline that truly encapsulates what you do, who you do it for  and how it has the potential to change or enrich their lives.

  4. Discovering your brand’s personality by looking at what attributes it has and what attributes it decidely doesn’t have.

  5. Understanding your brand voice by unpacking how it sounds, what it asks, what it uses, what it’s primary buzzwords are and what words its auxiliary copywriting springboard holds.

  6. Crafting communication goals that outline how your want your audience to feel, what you want to educate them on, what you want to make them aware of and what you want to encourage them to do.

  7. Discovering what exactly success looks like to you and crafting goals with action steps that will help you get there.

This right here, THIS IS STRATEGY. Knowing, understanding and using this will provide you with a brand identity that lasts. One that grows with you through every season. One that connects with an audience that feels right. One that you can be insanely proud of.

Because, at the end of the day, it’s not superficial. Not even close. It’s holistic.

It’s design woven with meaning and built with intention. Design aligned to the very core of your brand and tailored to your ideal audience.

Sound glorious? Yup.

But it probably also sounds a little bit scary, right? Like, a lot of work? With a side order of anxiety?

It shouldn’t! Because working with Freckled Design Studio is a collaboration. I never expect my clients to have all of these answers before they reach out to me. Or even before their project starts. And I certainly don’t expect them to navigate these waters by themselves.

All of my brand design and development services are heavy on the development. That means I give you all the tools to help extract your story and then I take it and create a strategy for you.

A strategy that becomes an intrinsic part of the creative brief and goal for the project.

A strategy that guides your business journey. A strategy that is all you and all for you.

Interested in working with me?

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