Preparing your brand for a successful Q2 (or 3 or 4)

I’m here to say, it is absolutely not too late to get everything in line for the year you dreamed of having. It’s not too late to set goals, intentions and make plans. There is no magic to the beginning of a year that makes it better to plan or easier to achieve those plans.

So if you’ve landed here, perhaps you had a late start, you weren’t feeling all those make it happen vibes in January or you’re just needing to zone in a refine those ideas. I want you to know that I’m here for you, giving you permission to make space for this now and to extend yourself some grace. And to use this as the launchpad to create the Quarter 2 (and 3 and 4) you dreamed of having.

Let’s dive in!

First, let’s download the workbook which you can do right here. This will help you get the ideas and goals out of your head and onto paper, making them infinitely more actionable.

It's not too late! Download your free workshop to prepare your brand for a successful Q2 (or 3 or 4!).

01 The big picture

Next, let’s start with your overall dream for your business. If nothing was holding you back, no financial fears or worries or concerns and you had absolute free reign to create the most magical reality, what would it be? Think big. Think scary. And write it down.

02 Your dream day

Next, what does your dream day look like? What is it filled with? What is it not filled with? What do you do to bring joy and happiness and balance? How many hours do you work? Where do you work? What do you eat? Do you nap? What time is ‘shut down’ time when you turn off your computer and put your phone down? Who are you surrounding yourself with during and after work? How do you want to feel?

03 Your people

Now think about your people and how you can serve them better next quarter and the rest of this year? What do they need from you? How can you help them in a way that would change their lives and businesses? Where do you they come into contact with your brand? How can you make those touchpoints even more compelling and exciting for them? How can you create an intimate brand experience from first contact to final send off and beyond? How do you want them to feel when they’re interacting with your brand? What can you do to evoke those emotions and make connections?

04 Your plan

Now look at those three pages and write down 3 overarching goals or areas of focus that would allow you to meet your dreams in each of those areas.

Then flesh out exactly what steps are required to reach those and when you want to action them. Don’t write down catch-all tasks here. Really get into every step you need to take so that you can see them on paper and set completion dates and get them scheduled on your calendar.

By planning and setting yourself tasks and goals, you’re more likely to take everyday action steps towards reaching them and ultimately reaching your dreams or your own version of success.

Wishing you the most aligned, action-oriented and not-at-all overwhelming Q2, 3 and 4!

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