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How I use a discovery workbook to create a brand that hits the mark every time

Here’s the bare truth of it: being honest and unafraid to share or show all of your cards early in the branding process makes for a smoother ride and a much more aligned-to-what-you-need-and-want visual brand identity.

But how do you get to the place where you can be honest  in your dreams, hopes and reservations? How do you get to share about what you know and, more importantly, what you don’t really know too well?

My branding process has 4 phases: Research, discovery and strategy; Design; Strategy Manual; Handover.

It’s during the first phase, Research, discovery and strategy, that I work with my beautiful clients to get bare, honest, intimate and real about their dreams, desires and reservations about their brand and business.

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Land more clients by defining your brand voice in 5 steps

What is brand voice?

Your brand voice is how your message, values and expertise are carried through your marketing, emails, copy, videos — all touchpoints for your brand. It’s the personality that your audience, your people, experience when they interact with you through in person or digital ways.

It’s how you communicate your brand to your people and how that communication makes them feel and is one very important aspect of branding, that goes is so intrinsically woven into brand visuals, there is no way I can see them separately.

So, how does it play a role in landing clients or customers? 


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