The Benefits of Regular Decision Making

The Benefits of Regular Decision Making - a blogging introduction.

Hello, lovely! I am so excited about you visiting me here at Freckled Design Studio, my brand styling and packaging design studio for small businesses and creative entrepreneurs. As I grow this side of my business and share my brand with you I hope to

Inspire you with beautiful images &

Guide you with useful worksheets and resources

But first, a (very) brief introduction to me and Freckled Design Studio. I live in the gorgeous city of Cape Town with my darling Richard and very cute whippet, Oscar. I studied at Michaelis School of Fine Arts, UCT, and got my BA Fine Art (Hons) after a high-school love affair with printmaking. I enjoy getting my hands dirty - ink, soil, food … anything. I love summer, dessert, picnics and being at the beach.

And a year ago, to inject a bit more happiness into my everyday, I made a bold move. I left my monthly paycheck, office chair and routine to start working for myself. Which basically means this brand launch is almost a year in the making - about one thousand times longer than I would take on any client project.

All because I am a planner. No, I’m an over-planner. And list maker. And note taker. All this anxiety-inducing overthinking means I am slow to make decisions and seldom take risks.

I guess you could say I have commitment issues. 

My push came while I was doing Braid Creative’s Braid Method ecourse and Kathleen had spoken about the power of making decisions for (probably) the five hundredth time. It was the proverbial kick up the arse and it was now or never. What was I waiting for? What was actually holding me back from making all the decisions that would take me from freelancer to business owner?

Nothing. (Well, me, my busy brain and maybe a little fear. But nothing, really.)

So I did it. Once I made the decision to make decisions everything happened pretty quickly and it was so much easier than I thought it would be. Of course, I’m still a planner - who doesn’t love being able to tick off a list of to-dos? That’s probably hard-wired into my DNA and I’m okay with that because I’m learning to also be an action-er (yes, I totally made that up). Moving any direction is better than standing still, even if the steps are small. 

Do you struggle with committing to decisions or are you a bold risk-taker? Have you managed to find a good balance of thought and action? Share your experiences in the comments - I would love to hear your stories.