10 Things My Day Can't Be Successful (or Awesome) Without - Mum Edition


At the very end of last year, I welcomed our baby boy into the world. It's been exciting, busy, amazing, frightening and wonderful! And this is my very first blog post after maternity leave. I took 3 months vacation, spending quality time with my little monster. And then I took 3 months to get back into the swing of things at the studio! 

And now, with a few exciting projects behind me, I'm dipping my toes into the social medias of my business again.

And first I wanted to rewrite my most popular blog posts, making them more relevant to where I am now and also offering a peek into the daily life of running a business and having an infant. Because those days look really different to those described in the first post!

I may have read a whole lot of work-from-home mompreneur (my dislike for this word runs deep) but nothing really prepares you for the journey ahead. So I'm not in any way offering unsolicited advice (as a mum, you'll get enough of that!) I'm just sharing my new 10 Things My Day Can't Be Successful (or Awesome) Without. 

Click through to read my updated post on the new 10 things my day can't be successful without - mum edition.

1 | Coffee

My morning coffee routine used to be spending a bit of time with Richard before he left for work. Now it's a little more like sips here and there between getting Finn and myself dressed and ready for the day. I enjoy it even more the previous routine, it's just the coffee is a little colder these days. 

2 | Apple Music

Gone are the days of 8tracks in my studio. Apple Music has made everything much easier and switching between fun baby songs and any other genre really is pretty smooth! I have playlists for everything - like, Instrumental Play, Instrumental Sleep, White Noise, Nursery Rhymes and maybe one or two for myself also.

3 | Asana

I used to do everything in my notebooks and I still write and list a whole of of things. But since I'm not always at my desk, I use Asana between desktop and mobile to keep all my tasks up to date and to keep track of daily goals. This is much easier than finding space in the nappy bag for 1 notebook, 1 day planner and a pen (wow, that bag weighs more than the baby!) and it just helps make everything a little easier. 

4 | Moving my office out of my home

I used to have a gym routine that ensured I was up, dressed and out the house by 9 in the morning and had a fair bit of social interaction on the daily. After I returned from my honeymoon last year I decided to move my office out of my home (and into my mums!). This has all those same benefits (and then some) and when I am able to again, I'm sure I'll incorporate a workout routine into my everyday. Until then, I'm still enjoying the physical benefits of my pregnancy pilates classes and working up a sweat wrestling pajamas onto a busy 6-month-old.

5 | Food

Just in general, lots of food. It used to be whatever was on hand, and whatever I could literally eat with one hand. But since we've started Baby Led Feeding with Finley I've had to plan a bit more than usual and I generally have ready-to-eats in the fridge or freezer. Dinners are 100% planned ahead to avoid as many grocery trips during the week as possible and usually selected from Jamie's 15 Minute Meals. Because, amazing! 

6 | Dribbble

I really don't spend much time on Pinterest anymore. It's still my main traffic referral but I don't spend time scrolling and saving and get lost in an inspirational hole. I've got BoardBooster campaigns running and perhaps I'll be able to actively start pinning again in the future. But for now, Dribbble is my main source of design inspiration with some real top class talents. And it's a community for sharing work and getting feedback, which makes it great for the creative process.  

7 | A Refined Process

A lot of other designers I follow often talk about how having a refined (and usually automated) process allows for so much growth and freedom within your business. And without the process that I've created over the last 3 years, I would not be able to book clients as easily, know what my daily tasks are in a project, allow my clients to keep on top of their feedback schedule and still leave the office at 5.

More on my process soon as I update those blog posts too!

8 | Templates

This leads right off a refined process, because running my projects off of templates makes the world of difference. This cover everything from onboarding documents to emails! When I rebranded last October, I paid special attention to creating a library of InDesign templates which would allow for quick and easy creation of quotes, invoices, project proposals, welcome packs, brand and strategy proposals and manuals, blog post graphics and style boards. These save lots of time on the admin side of things, while email templates save time on correspondence on specific project days.

9 | My mum (and Dad)

No matter how old you are, you'll always need your parents!

A seriously big shout out to my mum because it really takes a village! Especially when you run a full time studio, need to clock at least 4 hours of work everyday and your baby doesn't want to sleep. Or is teething. Or needs lunch and a nappy change. My mum (and Dad) helping with Finn everyday means he gets to spend loads of time with them (which I love), they get to see their grandchild growing up (which they love) and I get to run my studio (which my clients love). But having this 'best of both' really wouldn't be possible without them. So thanks, Mum & Dad!

10 | Stepping Away & Balance

For me, this is more important now than ever. Being able to actually leave the office and go home, has so many benefits for myself and my family. When I'm home I'm completely there and available. It's so much easier to step away when it's actually a car ride away. There have been evenings when I'll have to come back to the studio to work after I've put Finley to sleep, but this is usually due to exigent circumstances. Like a week of rough teething, no sleep for him or I and deadlines I've committed to. Because I started my own business to allow for space. To allow me to create a routine that I love and work on projects that I love. And to take a step back and find balance.  

Now it's your turn! What are your non-negiotables for a great and productive day? I'd love to hear what makes your day run smoothly and if it changed if and when you became a mum!