The Power of Colour in Design


Colour can lend power, emotion and meaning to design. It can draw you in or shut you out.

It can form part of an intentional message and marketing campaign when paired with a cohesive brand story and well-designed brand elements (such as your styling and touchpoints).

Utilising the power of colour in design as a marketing tool by Freckled Design Studio

Whether you’re aware of it or not, product and graphic designers use colour to influence your thoughts and feelings about their brand and the implied quality/longevity of their products. While certain colours can represent specific traits it is far more important to consider the personality characteristics or seasons of colours when including them in your branding and packaging. 

An expert in the colour psychology arena is Fiona Humberstone of The Brand Stylist so go devour her Colour Psychology articles here!

When product and brand judgement relies so heavily on colour, taking the time to consider what colours accurately represent the mood, values and tone of your business is an important part of reaching your ideal clients and audience.

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