An In-depth Look at my Brand Styling Process


I've taken a lot of time during my rebrand late last year and during my maternity leave to refine my branding process so that:

  • You can get everything our of your heart and on paper before the project even begins by giving them you tools you need to develop the inside of your brand (your ideal clients, biggest goals and dreams, voice, values, dream days and vision)
  • You always have a clear idea of the project timeline - what deliverables you can expect and when your feedback is due
  • You aren't overwhelmed with too many decisions or choices but rather guided in a collaborative way to get the best possible branding solution for your business   
  • You get everything you need to manage and market your brand with confidence at the end of the project
  • I offer you the best experience in your 3-week branding project and all of my attention

This has been the best part of getting back into the swing of things in the studio. I've made things easier and way more fun for you and myself!

Get the full scoop on my refined design process, from onboarding to discovery to design to launch!

I've broken down my process into 3 phases: Discovery, Design and Launch. But before you're even booked on the calendar, your first experience is the onboarding process - so it's really important to me that this be just as exciting while being super informative.


This process starts when you reach out with an enquiry. After you've given me some info about your business and design needs, I get in touch with you to book a consultation. This prevents scheduling calls with business owners who haven't read my services, aren't aware of the investment and just aren't ready for professional brand styling services.

I block out 30 minutes in my calendar to get to know you better. We chat about you, your business, your short- and long-term goals and what you'd like your new brand identity to achieve. I give you a rundown of my process and let you know when I'll be sending a proposal.

Then I get to work on a custom proposal. This will include the branding package goodness (deliverables and suggested marketing touchpoints), a proposed timeline based on your ideal launch date and my availability and the investment. I give you my process details in writing and more info about me.

I shoot this off with a quote and contract so you have everything you need to get your project booked.  

Once you're pumped and ready to start your branding journey, you pay a 25% deposit. At this point we're both pretty excited but it'll be at least 4 weeks until your project starts. So I'll send you a Welcome Pack, Guide to Giving Great Creative Feedback and the Brand Discovery Workbook. 


This is where the exciting stuff happens! The Brand Discovery Workbook - well, that's where the discovery comes in. I've developed a series of questions and exercises that get into the specifics. We nail down your brand values, get clarity on your dream clients and define your visual inspiration (and aspiration). Not only is it fun, but the workbook can really spark and 'AHA' moment as you get everything out of your head (and heart) and onto paper.

Once you've completed this step, you upload it to our shared Google Drive folder, invite me to your secret Pinterest board and let the excitement build! You'll also share all the content I need for the designs, such as photos and copy for stationery and marketing assets.

At the start of your project (always a Monday), I'll send you a style board defining the direction of your brand. This will be the inspiration for colours and textures and will visually embody the tone of your brand. You'll get one revision to ensure it's 100% speaking your language.

I then get to work on the logo concept sketches. This will take the next 2 days of our project and involves lots of drawing, lettering and playing around to develop the best solution for your brand. 


I refine the sketches to a single brand solution. This means you don't get a set of 3 logos to choose from. It's not in your best interests to be presented with 1 great and 2 average designs and then have to figure out which one best visually represents your brand. That's my job!

So I take develop a logo and brand identity I believe is the visual translation of the inside of your brand. I send you a design proposal with a full styled brand as you would see and use it in your business. No logos out of context on a blank page in a PDF.

This real life application of your brand identity will include your logo, alternate logo, patterns, icons and colour palette. It'll also showcase some stationery design, website buttons, blog post graphics, banner images or anything else applicable to your brand and industry.

From here we work together to refine everything about it so that's it's not just irresistible to you, but also to your clients. This includes 2 rounds of refinement.

After you've approved the designs, I roll them out to all your chosen touchpoints. Think styled newsletter templates, opt-in workbooks/PDFs, lookbooks, packaging, thank you cards. My branding package includes 3 touchpoints, but if you need more just ask to add them!

Fancy yourself semi-proficient on Adobe Illustrator and InDesign? Just say so and we can set you up with some templates to help you maintain and grow your brand while remaining consistent.


Now that we've finished the development and final design of your brand identity, I get to work prepping the final files. I also design 5 unique launch images for you to share on your social channels in the build up to launch day. And just because I love over-sharing (and being your business BFF) I'll include a Guide to a Successful Launch, too.

These all get uploaded to our shared Google Drive folder after you've made your final milestone payment. I'm super pedantic so they'll be neatly filed and aptly named.

Come launch day, I'll share a blog and portfolio post revealing your brand styling and help get traffic moving to your new (or revamped) website. I'll also help you create excitement on Instagram and Twitter.

Sound exciting?! It really is! I love being able to collaborate with such amazing women in business who share my passion for community and understand the value great design has in their industries.

Are you ready to take your brand through this 3-week process? Why don't you schedule a consultation so you can see if we're a good fit.

Here's what Béa from Mademoiselle Nomad had to say:

Suddenly, there it was, I had guidance by someone who knew what she was doing. I had the full support of a professional, someone who completely understands shapes, textures, patterns, and typography. But more than that, I had a professional who truly wanted my business to prosper, and help me attract my ideal clients through the visual identity of my brand. I also enjoyed the reveal of every artwork - my heart would skip a beat, and I would feel giddy with excitement knowing I’m about to see what my logo looks like, what my newsletter would look like, what my inspo board looks like and so on.

I have an amazing brand visual identity that I’m absolutely so in love with!! My readers love it, they respond even better now and it will definitely increase my chance of securing paid work with my ideal clients.

You are an amazing gem! Thanks for the work you do, and for the business you have created. The world needs you and I am truly grateful to have met you, because you have given me such great ‘design treasures’ in whatever you have created as part of Mademoiselle Nomad’s brand visual identity. I cannot even explain how happy it made me feel.