10 Ways to Use your New Brand Identity


To enrich your client experience and reinforce your brand message

Going through the branding (or rebranding) process is wonderful and exciting! And undoubtedly the best part of having a new look is showing it off.

It’s worth remembering that your client or customer will seldom be viewing your brand as an isolated logo. And while having your logo designed is what you imagine brand styling to be all about, your brand really comes alive (and all together) in the execution of the touchpoints.

Think about how your client will interact with your brand. It will often be through a blog post graphic on Pinterest, a services menu downloaded, your email signature and, definitely, your website itself. Think of this space as a chance to reinforce your brand values, connect with and engage your clients and showcase your brand’s unique voice.

Find out which 10 ways you can use your brand identity to reinforce your brand values and connect with your audience

Here are 10 places you can use your new brand identity to do just that.

1 | Social Media Graphics

Think graphic templates for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest. Wherever you’re focussing your efforts to connect with your audience and wherever that audience is hanging out.

You can use these templates for quotes, client testimonials and to show off products or promotions. Images are so much easier (and more fun) to digest than heaps of text. So makes the most of our love of all things visual and brand those images.

2 | Snail Mail

Love getting mail in the actual post (and not so much in your inbox)? I’m sure your clients do too! Use those beautiful brand assets to create greeting cards, thank you postcards and tags. Practice that penmanship, write a special message and give them a reason to remember you in the future. “Oh, our wedding photographer that sent me a card on our anniversary? Such a special touch - I recommend her to all my friends getting married”. Bam, referral! How easy was that?!

3 | Packaging Tape

You’re in the business of actual tangible products? Make shipping (and receiving brown cartons in the post) more fun with branded packaging tape. So much cheaper than getting your own packaging cartons printed and a really luxurious touch. Use your logo or patterns to instantly increase brand awareness.

4 | Lookbooks

If you have a business that releases a seasonal range (clothing, products, accessories) a digital lookbook is a great way to showcase it! A beautifully designed PDF booklet that shows off not just carefully styled photographs of your wares, but your styled brand colours, fonts and graphic elements is bound to not only impress your potential clients but make sure you’re top of mind the next time they’re looking to purchase in your industry.

5 | Email Marketing

Are you using the most basic, default everything Mailchimp or ConvertKit newsletter template? Your audience is giving you access to their inbox! Make it worth their while by customising your brand colours and fonts and adding your logo. No need to overcomplicate but also no need to be basic and boring!

6 | Blog Graphics

If you’re not including a blog graphic in your blog post for your readers to pin … Well, let’s just say I’m sure you’re not kneecapping yourself like this! Creating a cohesive look will really go a long way to your pins being recognised on layout alone. There are some basic rules here, like size and what to include but other than that, it’s all on you! Use your brand colours or patterns as backgrounds, use your fonts for the blog post title and subtitle and top it all off with your submark logo.

7 | Pricing Guides | Services Menu

If you offer a variety of services and packages it’s a great idea to have them not only on your website, but on a downloadable services menu also. This way a potential client can download the PDF and keep it for future reference or use. Or better yet, email it on to their friends. It’s also a great idea to have an ‘about’ section and links or buttons directing them back to your website. Reinforce that brand!

8 | Opt-Ins

I know you have a blog and I also know you’re trying to grow that list. So use all your delicious brand elements to craft a beautiful opt-in. Whether you decide to go with a 1 page worksheet or an ebook, this is a great way to use those fonts, colours, patterns and icons. Chances are, if it’s beautifully designed, they’ll remember you for it!

9 | Business Cards

I’m just going to use this heading to include all other business stationery. I know business cards seem a bit redundant these days but I’ve been caught in too many situations without my cards to know it’s worth doing a print run of 100 - just in case. And how dreadful would it be for someone to take your card home and hit up your website just to see that your logos, colours and general aesthetic to match up. Awkies. So keep your business stationery updated with your new brand identity to avoid embarrassment!

10 | Website

I know this seems like a no-brainer, but if you’re investing in professional brand styling you should also be investing in a great website as this is the biggest way for you to showcase your brand! Creating a home base that you refer your audience back to all the time is essential and making it beautiful, easy and fun for them helps to reduce your bounce rate and keeps those enquiries coming. Use your brand assets to create custom buttons, icons, pop-up graphics and banners.

Do you have any other ideas of places to show off your (new) brand identity? I’d love to hear how you used these touchpoints to reinforce your brand values and connect with potential clients.