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Why you need brand patterns in your graphic library

Snatching up the number one spot of my favourite part of a brand’s graphic library is definitely patterns. It may be my love affair with creating them or my overwhelming appreciation for all things surface-pattern related. Like wallpaper, stationery, fabric. Ah, fabric *insert heart eyes here* !

But back to your brand. You need patterns in your very own graphic library.

Here's why.

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An In-depth Look at my Brand Styling Process

I've taken a lot of time during my rebrand late last year and during my maternity leave to refine my branding process so that:

  • You can get everything our of your heart and on paper before the project even begins by giving them you tools you need to develop the inside of your brand (your ideal clients, biggest goals and dreams, voice, values, dream days and vision)
  • You always have a clear idea of the project timeline - what deliverables you can expect and when your feedback is due
  • You aren't overwhelmed with too many decisions or choices but rather guided in a collaborative way to get the best possible branding solution for your business   
  • You get everything you need to manage and market your brand with confidence at the end of the project
  • I offer you the best experience in your 3-week branding project and all of my attention
  • This has been the best part of getting back into the swing of things in the studio. I've made things easier and way more fun for you and myself!
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A Widly Useful Roundup of Creative Resources

For creative entrepreneurs and DIY business owners

We all know the internet is expansive (okay, that’s a severe understatement). Oh yes, it’s also a black-hole. Searching for resources can suck a whole productive day out of your week and with so many options to choose from, knowing where to even start can be a battle.

And, as I’ve mentioned before, I love (over)sharing!

So today I’m rounding up the most useful creative resources for you, creative entrepreneurs and DIY business owners. From logos to patterns to learning new skills, read on to find the resources that will benefit you and your brand the most.

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The Secrets to Reviewing Creative Work

8 simple steps to reviewing creative work as a client

I've realised recently in my quest to find an accountant and photographer, how difficult it is to know what questions to ask when you're making an enquiry, reviewing a proposal or chatting about the work to be done. When it's not your industry, you're left feeling a little bit lost. You don't know the lingo. You don't understand the process. You're not an expert.

Which is good, because you rock at doing what you do. There's no reason (nor should there be any desire) to excel in everything. But it has made me question the way I guide my clients through their journey with me, realising they're not design nor branding experts.

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The Power of Colour in Design

“Mere colour, unspoiled by meaning, and unallied with definite form, can speak to the soul in a thousand different ways.”

- Oscar Wilde -

Can I share some ethereal philosophy real quick? I have always been taken by the concept of colour - this intangible element that fills our vision and, quite frankly, informs our decisions. In art school we developed a discourse around the idea that colour doesn’t exist. Light exists and we perceive its reflection as colour yet it’s been proven that colour is intrinsically linked to emotions, memories and productivity.

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