Why you need brand patterns in your graphic library

Snatching up the number one spot of my favourite part of a brand’s graphic library is definitely patterns. It may be my love affair with creating them or my overwhelming appreciation for all things surface-pattern related. Like wallpaper, stationery, fabric. Ah, fabric *insert heart eyes here* !

But back to your brand. You need patterns in your very own graphic library.

Here's why.

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How I started my own design business

I can’t say I always wanted to be an business owner, or entrepreneur, or solopreneur or mompreneur. Or whatever other redundant term is the latest craze. I actually enjoy working in a studio environment and I absolutely love the connectedness that comes with having co-workers or teammates.

There is something irreplaceable in being a part of a team of creatives - something that sparks great and innovative ideas (I’ve found a few mastermind groups that come close, but no cigar).

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Small changes you can make today to strengthen your brand's image

If you’ve got this far on the blog, you know that your brand’s image is important. You understand that visuals help connect you to your audience by 1. eliciting an emotional response, 2. building trust, 3. Increasing brand recognition, 4. Setting yourself apart from your industry peers.

You want those things, that’s a no-brainer. And you know I’m a big fan of moving forward, making small decisions and working towards goals. So today is a great day to make some small changes to strengthen your brand’s image and start connecting with those right-for-you clients!

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Attributes to look for in a designer

Choosing a designer can be intimidating. As with choosing any freelance professional, how do you decide to entrust a certain part of your business to someone else? But there’s something about creating, something about art that makes it far less objective than other professions.

When choosing an accountant, you’d like them to be great at their job: to know their industry and how it applies to your business and then use that knowledge it to the best of their ability.

This, I have found, is a lot less the case when hiring someone to provide a creative service. So let’s talk about attributes you should be looking for in a designer before you hand them your heart on a silver platter and ask them to create a visual language it understands.

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Why branding is so important in attracting the right clients

To really understand why branding is important, you first need to fully understand what branding is. And branding is not your standalone logo. Nor is your standalone website. Nor your services. Your branding is the full package of your business. It’s the inside + outside:

  • The mission and strengths of your business
  • The values that form the foundation of your services and interactions
  • The tone of your language in your online and offline communication
  • The goals of your communication with your audience
  • The voice that you use to address your clients
  • The overall aesthetic and mood you present
  • The logos, colours and other stylistic elements you implement through your communication and touchpoints

Your  brand is where everything that goes on inside and behind the scenes meets what your audience experiences and sees.

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