A goal-setting process that actually works


Setting goals is vital to forward movement with intention. It’s what will keep you on track in your general tasks and to-do’s and it’ll keep you from getting distracted by all the coulds and shoulds.

And if you’re thinking, “Where do I even start?” then you’ll want to carry on reading!

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It could be easy to be drawn into the finer details from the outset (I know, printmaking major here). But you’ll want to think big to start and make a list of your overarching goals. You can even use a spreadsheet and add a row for each product or service you offer, as well as your marketing/executive/operational tasks. Or if you’re a pen+paper girl, start scribbling!

Then get to work filling in what you want to achieve in the bigger picture (for me that’s a 12-month period). Outline your overarching goals for each category and add as many as you need.


Now start thinking about how you’ll be able to achieve those goals and break it down into quarters. If they’re financial, what will you need to earn each quarter of the year in order to total your goal figure. If it’s the launch of a product, break down each step from content creation to launch.


Now go into the details and break down how those overarching goals will be accomplished each month and week. Make notes of specific tasks will you need to schedule and complete each week. Here you can start seeing your overall schedule take form, so it’s a great time to move goals (and due dates) around to ensure you’re not working towards a burnout. Use a monthly and weekly overview calendar to get specific and track dates.

By writing and breaking down your tasks into small actionable chunks, you’re setting yourself up to be able to achieve them!

To help you put this into action for your own business, I’ve created a workbook to help you start planning! Are you ready to smash those goals?

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You're the perfect fit if:
  • You’re managing a small team (nod to my fellow micro-teams of 1) and have been in business for a year or 2
  • Your brand voice is feeling all over the place and pulling you in too many directions
  • You’re struggling to understand and share your brand values and connect with your audience in a meaningful (and profitable) way
  • You spend your time floundering, overthinking and over inspiration-shopping and get drawn into deep dark holes where overwhelm sets in and you’re left feeling hopeless and helpless
  • You’re hopping from one marketing plan to another without taking the time to nurture them so they can grow into something beautiful that works for you, rather than against you
  • You experience fear paralysis, feeling incapable of making small but might decisions that would all work together to propel you towards reaching your goals
  • You’re not seeing the steady growth you imagined you would
You're rather your experience with business and your journey look a lot more like this:
  • You’re boasting a brand voice that feels natural, easy and honest. No more pretending to sounds like those other entrepreneurs that you're not. Think streamlined instead of sloppy
  • You’ve successfully differentiated  yourself from your industry peers and you’re all about flaunting your unique selling points, methods and styles (in a sweet, quirky way, of course!)
  • You’ve broken your goals down into small and highly-actionable steps and you’ve got it all mapped out on project management software so you’re never left wondering where exactly you are in the process
  • You not only know what your brand values are, but you understand what exactly they mean to you in your business and to your clients
  • You can certainly crush on and appreciate the amazing work your mentors and peers are putting out into the world, but you’re not overly concerned about finding inspiration. Because you understand that a good marketing plan and strategy grows over time and with consistent love and work.
  • You’re seeing consistent growth and you know it’s because you’ve invested your time, love and energy into making your brand work for, and with, you
Sound amazing? It kind of is!