Creating a style guide for your brand


If you run a business and you’re ever on Pinterest, you’ve seen the gorgeous (and super long) pins showcasing a brand logo and other assets. While usually this is the designer’s portfolio piece and for promotion of their work, this style of graphic is usually referred to as a style guide.

And beyond their looking pretty and promoting them on Pinterest (or any other social media) what is their real-life use for you and your business?

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In short, a brand style guide is useful for your business to maintain consistency. This one-page graphic will have your brand identity elements laid out in a hierarchical format and is an abridged overview of your brand styling. You’ll be able to see your logos, patterns, textures, colours and icons all on the same page.

How does this help to remain consistent with your brand?

IF you’re DIYing at least part of your brand image, (holla, every small business owner ever) using this ensures that you’re incorporating the correct elements, colours and fonts of your brand. And if you have a team or designer that you’re handing it over to, they know how to correctly visually represent your brand in any circumstance.

Style guide framework

In order to get the most out of your brand’s style guide, you’ll want to include all the basics such as

  • Primary logo

  • Alternate logo marks

  • Submarks or monograms

  • Patterns and textures

  • Colour palette

  • Font suggestions and styling

They’re usually laid out a little something like this.

Style guide framework by Freckled Design Studio

DIYing your brand identity and styling? Download a free Adobe Illustrator and InDesign template to create your own style guide and keep that look consistent!

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