Defining Your Ideal Audience

A journey to connecting with them on a deeper level

So, if you’ve been in these online entrepreneurial circles for any amount of time, you’d have over-heard the terms ideal client and dream client.

Not, like, overheard someone whisper these to their friend. No, you’d have heard these terms one thousand times over.

It became some sort of hot topic and trendy phrase that quickly trampled target audience because, probably, it speaks to a deeper connection that we foster with our community. And, of course, dreamy clients for a dreamy business with dreamy goals.

Alright, semantics aside,  I’m not being sarcastic or even critical. Defining exactly who your dream client is will take you a long way to achieving success in your business. But, only if you’re doing it the right way.

Before we get into how to actually do that, let’s dive into why knowing who you’re talking to in your marketing efforts is important.

  • You get to speak directly to their problems (traditional business term: pain points)

  • You get to sell them a transformation (traditional business term: USP)

  • You narrow your audience to a selection of people who place value in what you offer

  • You can borrow language that resonates with them

  • You understand their journey and some background, making you a great fit for understanding their vision

  • I’ve already shared with you how to set your communication goals here, and to be able to have effective, and reachable, goals, you should start with your ideal client.

So, how do I know who my ideal client is?

This is a combination of looking at metrics, evaluating feelings and being realistic.

01. What clients or customers have you had that made you feel amazing, resulted in an enviable collaboration and gave you a sense of renewed excitement for your business or services?

Asses who those clients were, what the projects themselves entailed and what about working with that particular person felt so good? Where did they come from? What line of business or industry were they in? What were the personality traits or characteristics that made it feel ‘right’?

02. What do they love spending time on?

What activities and hobbies fills their non-work time? How do they enjoy relaxing? What do they spend the most time on in their own business? What excites them?

03. What kinds of content do they consume?

Is it lifestyle? Fashion? Business? Parenting? DIY? How do they consume this content? Do they love scroll Instagram stories for hours? Do they even have a Facebook business page? Do they work LinkedIn like it’s nobody’s business (I’ve heard that person exists!)? Do they take the time and effort to click through the link to read a blog post? Do they love a live video or perfer snappy 15-second nuggets of knowledge?

04. Where do they learn about your brand?

Related to the previous point, but where do they first come into contact with your brand? If you’re not sure, reach out to past clients you loved working with and ask how they found out about you?

05. What are they struggling with right now?

They’re likely experiencing some sort of struggle, some pain in the business or life (the area you are targeting with your business). What is it? Why are they struggling with this?

06. What do their dreams and goals look like?

Start defining where they want to be (and evaluate whether it’s as a result of the transformation you’re selling them). What path are they wanting to take to get themselves there?

07. How do you help them achieve those goals?

What role do you play in their journey? At which point do you come into the picture and is there a need before and after you? How can you work that to your advantage? What dreams can you play on in your marketing and communication?

08. Why do they want to hire you or buy from you?

What’s make them realise that you’re the best person to join their team or collaborate with? What sets you apart from your peers and other professionals in your industry?

09. What’s stopping them from hiring or buying from you right now?

What’s the cause of their hesitation? How does this delay affect them?

10. What do you talk about when you meet in person?

Chances are, if you 2 got in a room together you’d totally hit it off! What do you talk about, how do you connect and what do you have in common?

11. How are their lives different once they hire or buy from you?

How does your service or product affect their lives? Their business? What changes so that they can easier reach their goals?

12. How do you make their businesses or lives better?

You’re enriching their lives, no doubt about that. But how, specifically?

13. What do you need to educate them on before they hire you or buy from you?

Do they need to know more about your process? Should they have a better understanding of the value of your service or product? Would you like them to understand the industry a bit better? Maybe it’s more about your personal style?

14. What are you encouraging them to do in your communication and marketing efforts?

What’s your call to action? What are the most important steps you want them to take?

15. What do you need to make them aware of so that they understand the value of my services or products?

What’s your secret ingredient? How else can you make them see and understand the value of what you offer?

And, if you can answer those with some excitement and vigour, you can create a rocking ideal client profile for yourself. You’ll be able to refer back to it when drafting copy, creating Instagram posts, designing a new course or product or sending your run-of-the-mill email.

You’ll be able to easily reference the person all your communication goals are centred around. And by keeping that at the forefront of your strategy? Well, you’re on your way to reaching your own goals, then!

Ps. Take some time to reevaluate this profile every year. As our businesses grow and evolve, so do our clients. Don’t allow yourself to become trapped in this idea of who your client is. Allow yourself the same grace you would a client, and let them grow into their most natural and authentic self!

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