Differentiating yourself in a sea of online entrepreneurs

In this amazing digital age we live in, the most challenging part of running your business may be making yourself visible and setting yourself apart in your saturated industry. And if you’re struggling to book clients because you’re disappearing into the noise that can be the online entrepreneurial community, you need to face that challenge head on. Today.

So let’s dive into how you can differentiate yourself, connect meaningfully with your audience and build trust in your brand.

01.  Carve your own path

You’re probably noticing trends in your industry, watching a wave of this new marketing tactic/package/social media strategy/insert cool thing here. And you’re wondering how you weren’t the one to come up with this, but quick! If you jump in now you’ll likely see the same success.

But instead of just jumping on the latest bandwagon, consider why this particular tactic/offering/strategy/image is doing well and why the entrepreneur’s audience is responding in a positive way. The chances are pretty good that it stands out well, is refreshingly different and is so true to the brand, that it’s pretty irresistible. There are probably more than a few formulas most entrepreneurs in your industry are sticking to but this is the only one you need!

Action Steps

Be a leader! What’s the gap? What’s missing from your industry? How can you infuse originality into your tactics/services/strategies/imagery?

02. Stay true to your brand voice

You definitely have a few entrepreneurs in your industry that you look up to. Their communication, language and style are all so inspiring. But you are not them. You are amazing, beautiful and unique you.

Action Steps

So let it go. And rather invest time in defining your own brand voice. What’s your brand personality? What are your values? How do they influence your interactions with your audience? What is the specific and authentic language you and your brand use?

03. Build a brand word library

By building up a library of words you can use to guide your writing and interactions you’ll create a cohesive brand presence, which will work towards building trust and increasing professionalism. Which in turn will set you apart from your peers as a particular style (of caption, image, blog post) becomes unmistakably you.

Action Steps

What set of words convey the overall feeling of your brand? How do they describe your brand, interactions with clients and your general style? Now expand on that by choosing more words that are related to those, that speak to the same style, goals and feelings. Then use this as the jumping-off point to guide your communication - verbal and visual.

04. Define your communication goals

By keeping yourself bound to a set of goals you’ll be less likely to communicate in an inauthentic and unintentional way. You’ll be able to trim the noise back a little bit as you know exactly what you want and need to get across to your audience on any platform (and action step 02 will help you stay consistent across those platforms too).

Action Steps

Take the time to figure out how you want to make your audience feel, what you want to encourage them to do and what you want to make them aware of and educate them on.

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