Small changes you can make today to strengthen your brand's image


If you’ve got this far on the blog, you know that your brand’s image is important. You understand that visuals help connect you to your audience by: 1. eliciting an emotional response, 2. building trust, 3. Increasing brand recognition, 4. Setting yourself apart from your industry peers.

You want those things, that’s a no-brainer. And you know I’m a big fan of moving forward, making small decisions and working towards goals. So today is a great day to make some small changes to strengthen your brand’s image and start connecting with those right-for-you clients!

3 small changes you can make today to strengthen your brand's image. Click through to download the checklist.

01. Downscale your brand assets

By this I’m largely talking about your graphic library. Like the addition of that extra cute font you downloaded for free. And the 6 new colours you’re thinking of incorporating into your marketing items. Get back to the basics and setup a simple and easy to use style guide.

Pick 2 classic fonts, a timeless and appropriate (for you and your audience) colour palette, a set of well-designed icons, one pattern and one texture.

By limiting your use of colour, fonts and graphic elements you’re creating a more professional appeal that will withstand trends and definitely engage a more focused (and serious) audience.

02. Create cohesion

If you’re feeling that things aren’t really ‘flowing’ right you probably need to get cohesive in your brand’s visuals and messaging.

I’m talking across the board here. It’s no good if you’re representing your brand differently on Facebook to Instagram to your website. Take that gorge new style guide and get to work creating cohesion in your social media graphics, blog post images, logos, stationery, email marketing and downloadable content upgrades.

This will ensure your audience can recognise you a mile off and also that you look like you really do know what you’re talking about (building trust, remember?).

03. Be time smart

I said small changes, remember. And I’m not sitting here thinking you have endless hours to action these tips! So get to work downloading templates. Just because you want it to look great and classy (it will, I believe in you) doesn’t mean you have to reinvent the wheel. Find minimalist templates for your onboarding documents, your social media graphics, your blog post images… If you can dream it up, you can probably purchase a great template for it.

Then recycle and reuse them. One great proposal template will probably give you the tools you need to set up a contract, a welcome pack and a pricing guide.

By getting creative (and simultaneously exercising restraint) this will give your brand that polished look you and your clients are dreaming about.

Download your free checklist to strengthen your brand’s image here. Just pop in your details and click to download the PDF in the thank you message after you submit!

Click through to download your free checklist!
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