Why you need brand patterns in your graphic library

Snatching up the number one spot of my favourite part of a brand’s graphic library is definitely patterns. It may be my love affair with creating them or my overwhelming appreciation for all things surface-pattern related. Like wallpaper, stationery, fabric. Ah, fabric *insert all the heart eyes here* !

But back to your brand. You need patterns in your very own graphic library. And here's why.

01. They help increase brand awareness

No one said they have to be overly complicated or contrived. They can be simple extensions of your logo suite, breathing fresh life into your primary, submark or even brand mark logos. Use it as an arm of your branding, rather than decorating the rest of your visual identity.

02. They reinforce your brand language

This is the space for you to really use your minimalist and classic approach to business. Or let your fun, youthful message shine. Or up the ante with your conversational and casual tone. There are no hard and fast rules here so be as creatively authentic as you fancy in discovering how you can share your brand’s language and personality attributes.

03. They make you stand out

I just can’t say that enough on this blog. Stand out! You’re not like everyone else. You brand shouldn’t look like everyone else’s. With patterns you can add depth and richness, variety and interest to your brand identity and really make it unique, memorable and captivating.

And, in case you needed one more reason: we love patterns. We look for and recognise them everywhere. And then we create emotional attachments with them. Humans. Are. Amazing.

But how do you actually use them?

Now that you’re excited to jazz up your pattern suite, let’s figure out where and how you can actually incorporate them into your client experience.

01. your website

Let’s start here since it’s more than likely your brand’s home. Use it as a background for an index page (I see you, Squarespace users) or a portion of your webpage. Then overlay it with text, your logo or a button. Create your own set of buttons/linked images for your homepage or blog category buttons for your blog’s archive page. Have a landing or cover page for your next big offering? Use it as a background or overlay a white pattern onto a branded photo. If you’re up for breaking free of a few norms, use it as your whole website background, set to tile.

02. product packaging

If you sell actual products, start including your patterns in these designs immediately! Wraps, stickers, labels, carton interiors, shipping boxes and packaging tape. Even if your printing budget is small, you can make a big impact.

03. stationery and marketing

The digital nature of your business may mean printed stationery isn’t always the right path so don’t get hung up on stationery = printed goods. A few printed staples such as business cards, thank you or note cards can all be injected with a good dose of brand pattern. Digitally, get inspired usines patterns as a background for your blog post graphics, proposal documents, invoices and receipts, welcome packs, and lookbooks. Use a full page of pattern with a large quote as a chapter/section break in a longer PDF document. Drop a band of pattern at the bottom of your invoice. You can even add it as a header on your email marketing templates. Or background. Or footer. Use them in your content upgrades and opt-in products. Hello, social media graphics!

My brand design and development packages always promise around 2-3 pattern and I generally over-deliver, designing in the region of 5-6 patterns that really enhance and compliment the brand and client experience! Read more here!