Why branding is so important in attracting the right clients

To really understand why branding is important, you first need to fully understand what branding is. And branding is not your standalone logo. Nor is your standalone website. Nor your services. Your branding is the full package of your business. It’s the inside + outside:

  • The mission and strengths of your business

  • The values that form the foundation of your services and interactions

  • The tone of your language in your online and offline communication

  • The goals of your communication with your audience

  • The voice that you use to address your clients

  • The overall aesthetic and mood you present

  • The logos, colours and other stylistic elements you implement through your communication and touchpoints

Your  brand is where everything that goes on inside and behind the scenes meets what your audience experiences and sees.

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so why is branding important?

Your clients need to trust you in order to buy from you. That’s pretty much the bottom line. A client who doesn’t trust your brand will not trust your process nor your deliverables. They won’t trust the solution you’re selling them because they don’t believe that you’re truly the expert.

Branding will provide a professional and polished image and experience that makes you credible. By looking and acting (again, on- and offline) like a professional who is reliable, responsible and able to deliver on promises, you’ll gain the trust of your audience.

02. Branding makes you recognisable
I’m sure you’ve felt the intense busyness and noisiness that is an inseparable part of the online world. You’ve experience the overwhelm of not knowing where to turn and who to listen to. You’ve seen all the images and brands that look the same and felt tired of this rush to follow trends. By having a custom image and a unique experience guiding your graphics, blog posts, emails, social media marketing and all the other facets of your business, you create a recognisable image. By infusing all of the ways your audience would interact with and experience your brand, you’re fostering recognition.

03. Branding sets you apart
In this booming online entrepreneurial society, setting yourself apart from (and head and shoulders above) your competition will mean engagement, conversion and growth. In order to do this you need to have a clear voice, image and audience. You’ll need to know exactly who you’re talking to and make their experience with you unique and exciting.

04. Branding gives you clarity and direction
Clearly setting the brand standards for your voice and visuals will provide focus and guidance. You’ll be able to use these to create a brand strategy with achievable goals. You’ll prevent any aimless wandering in the marketing arena and you won’t be creating content without intent because you’ll know and understand what your top goals and priorities are and what action steps you can take to get you on the path to achieving them.

05. Branding emotionally connects you with clients
You brand values play an important part in connecting on an emotional level with your audience. And buying in itself is an emotional act. We are led to feel a certain way with the use of language and visuals that seek a specific action on our parts. By using your brand words to guide your communication, you can evoke the necessary emotions from your audience that will promote engagement and eventually convert them into clients.

The truth is, branding is probably not going to achieve any of these things in isolation. A solid, well-thought out and intentional brand is going to do achieve these simultaneously, as one to connects to the other, which in turn affects another.

But by laying down a solid base from which you can grow, you’ll find that your brand builds trust by emotionally connecting with your ideal clients. Which is due to the fact that you set yourself apart and your consistency and cohesion created a brand that was recognisable. Which was only achievable by having the clarity and direction in order to create a solid marketing strategy.

If you’ve been in business for awhile you’re going to notice that you’ve outgrown your DIY brand.

You realise that you’re not positioning yourself as the expert that you are and you don’t have a style that truly reflects what’s going on at the heart of your business. You’re at the turning point and implementing a branding strategy can mean growth, sales and an overall elevation of your brand. Now is the time to take action!

Let’s get to work creating the brand of your dreams!