Cultivating confidence through brand intimacy

Cultivating confidence through beautiful and meaningful visual brands which start with an intimate understanding of your unique story

Thoughtful and strategic design and support for women and mamas who run their own businesses. Woman and mamas who struggle with positioning themselves in their industries and standing out above their competition. Women and mamas who feel disheartened by their ‘all-over-the-show’ness right now. Who compare their journey to others. Who are cobbling together little bits and pieces of information from every source they’ve found in the hopes it will provide clarity and guidance.

Women and mamas who deserve a brand they are proud of. Insanely proud. Can’t stop won’t stop talking about it proud. Making money to support their family proud. Doing something they are good at and excelling proud.

Women and mamas who are trying their fucking best right now and realise they need help aligning their brand to their vision.

Women and mamas like you.

 All brand design and development projects include

Brand Intimacy

An intensive discovery process that results in major and emotional ah-ha moments. I give you the resources, provide the space and extend the grace for you to make these discoveries about yourself and your dreams. This level of clarity is what I call brand intimacy and is rewarded with an unbridled understanding of what you do, why it’s important and who you do it for, along with mission, values, brand keywords, your people and competition, brand voice, personality attributes and communication goals.

Brand Strategy

A curation and refinement of your deep-digging, I’ll take your journey of discovery and craft it into a brand strategy that makes sense. One that you’ll find easy to understand and easy to implement. This is the true heart of the project and where I develop your brand goal and creative direction from. It is what every single design is measured against, allowing for the development of a brand that is deep and meaningful.

Visual Identity

A full and comprehensive graphic library, including a logo suite for any and all applications, patterns, textures, type styles and hierarchy, colour story, stock photos and marketing materials that make sense for your business and your people. This visual identity is backed by intention and strategy, every element specifically chosen or created with purpose to help you reach your business goals and dreams.

Strategy Manual

This book, usually in excess of 50 pages, is yours to keep and reference for years to come, detailing the heart of your business, the strategy behind it all and the visual identity leading the way and attracting your people. It’s outlines best practices for your graphic library and usage suggestions and colour variations for your logos. It shows you how to choose stock photos, how to style your text in apps like Canva and for web, and how to keep a cohesive aesthetic and tone across your marketing materials.


Recent Projects

I partner with clients who I feel fiercely drawn to, whose stories inspire me and whose drive to create a business that supports their dreams and their family could make me ugly cry.


My clients make me feel all the heart eyes

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 You deserve a brand you are insanely proud of!


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