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A boutique graphic design studio in Cape Town, South Africa, that specialises in brand styling and packaging design for small business & creative entrepreneurs

You’ve been figuring out this online entrepreneur thing for a while;

refining your craft and services and building beautiful client relationships while experiencing steady growth


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  • You’re managing a small team (nod to my fellow micro-teams of 1) and have been in business for 2+ years
  • You’ve seen steady growth in the last year that’s got you asking how you can better position yourself in your industry as an expert and differentiate yourself from your competition
  • Your brand voice feels a little bit all over the show and you’re struggling to connect with more clients who just feel right
  • You crave guidance in getting to the heart of your brand and developing solid strategy so you can stop feeling like you’re floundering when you’re trying to set (and achieve) goals
  • You’re ready to increase your pricing structure and plan your year financially, so you can set and achieve those amazing personal goals
  • You don’t have the confidence to market (or brag about) your brand with it’s okayish-but-probably-too-trendy-too-last brand identity

But what you dream about

looks a little more like this

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  • A brand voice that feels natural, easy and honest. No more pretending to sounds like those other entrepreneurs that you're not. Think streamlined instead of sloppy.
  • Differentiating yourself from your industry peers and really flaunting your unique selling points, methods and styles.
  • Someone who be (almost) as invested in your brand as you are, guiding you with the tools you need to get super clear on what your mission is, who your ideal clients are, what your brand values are and how you can strategically use that information in your business to reach your goals.
  • Connecting and engaging clients that feel right - they understand the value of your work, they trust you as an expert in your field and you could definitely share a bottle of wine with them, exchanging stories and enjoying a few giggles.
  • Having a brand that grows with you - even as your business evolves and expands, reaches goals and smashes your every single definition of the word success.
  • Implementing a pricing structure that honestly reflects the value and expertise your services offer.
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You’re ready for guidance. For someone to give you the tools you need to gain clarity and build out a consistent visual language that’s more you than that pair of shoes you drooled over yesterday.

You need a brand identity that speaks your values and shares your story and a designer who will understand your emotional investment in your brand and then invest plenty of her own feelings too.
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You are definitely in the right place!

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Oh hey! I'm lorin galloway

A brand stylist and packaging designer empowering creative female entrepreneurs like yourself to embrace & boldly share their unique brand story by creating a visual language their hearts understand.

I work from my office in Cape Town, South Africa with female creatives all over the world, guiding them from DIY to profesh and give them all the tools they need to create and build a beautiful, refined and oh-so-them brand.

So what's in the

brand styling package?

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The short answer? Everything you need to effectively, confidently and beautifully share your brand story!

The long answer? Well, let's break that down.

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Brand foundation workbook

This is what some designers will call your homework. But it's what I call "getting to know the inside of your brand, intimately".

It's all about understanding your story through a series of exercises that are fun, thorough and, quite frankly, exciting. Throughout the workbook we break your story down into easily definable chunks. Because entrepreneurship can be overwhelming and intimidating enough. We take your all-over-the-place and put it in one place.

You'll get a questionnaire to understand the framework of your brand, some seriously provoking questions about your ideal clients, a guide to extracting those beautiful values you're building your brand on and exactly what they mean for your business, a brand personality scale, and 3 fun inspiration-centric exercises.

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Brand styling

And so begins the design component of the project! I take what you've supplied in the Brand Foundation Workbook and create the strategy that will guide the concept development and design of your brand style. 

This includes, but, of course, isn't limited to your

+ inspiration board
+ primary logo design solution
+ alternate logo designs
+ submark and monogram designs
+ brand icons
+ 2-3 patterns or textures
+ font styling and suggestions
+ graphic elements or illustrations
+ colour palette

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Your design style really comes to life once we infuse it with your brand voice and create a suite of touchpoints. 

This is how your clients will see and experience your brand so we work to make it beautiful, refined and oh-so-you! 

This, too, could include but should never be limited to the design of

+ business cards
+ quote, invoice and receipt templates
+ note cards, envelopes and thank you tags
+ lookbooks and pricing guides
+ proposal and on-boarding documents
+ media kit
+ opt-in pdf worksheet or workbook
+ website buttons and graphics
+ social media and blog post graphic templates

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Strategy manual + Brand book

The pièce de résistance: it all comes together here!

Communication goals, a detailed client profile, mission statement - just all kinds of information you need to go forth and create content that's on brand, engaging and converting.

This document is going to help you stay consistent on- and offline - from language to visuals.

Delivered in a pdf format, easy to keep on file for digital use and share with your team, contractor or anyone representing your brand. Bonus point for printing a copy to keep close to your desk!

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Okay, so let’s recap

You + Me = a crazy authentic and clarified brand with a visual language that delights, engages and converts.

That’s pretty amazing. Just like you.

So move that pointer just a little farther down and schedule your free consultation call so together we can get to work creating a brand you love, that will love you right back.