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A boutique graphic design studio in Cape Town, South Africa, that specialises in brand styling and packaging design for small business & creative entrepreneurs

You know that in order to gain momentum and stand out in your industry you need a brand that’s aligned visually with your business goals and ideal clients.


You understand the importance of storytelling in this fast-paced online world where image and perception is everything.

And right now, you’re lacking.


You have big dreams and goals, but your currently branding system is failing you. It’s not allowing you to emotionally connect with nor engage your ideal audience. It doesn’t convey the right tone or personality and quite frankly, your brand voice feels a little bit all over the place.

You’re just flinging content out into the virtual world, hoping something sticks. You know a communication strategy has the potential to change your life for good, but you need it to be understandable and easy to follow so that you're not grabbing at straws when marketing yourself.

After 2+ years, you’re ready to invest in yourself, your business and your future by getting serious about your brand story and working with a professional to help you create an identity that’s a sincere reflection of your values and will emotionally connect you to your ideal audience.


How would your business and life be different if

not only do you know


Exactly who your ideal audience is, you know how to talk to them in a way that evokes that all-important emotional connection.

What your brand values are, you understand how they impact your business and your relationship with your clients.

That your brand is aligned with your business currently, but it's set to allow you to reach your goals and grow with you - a long-term asset.

What your brand voice is, you also feel confident in how natural and easy it is to use to market yourself and communicate with your audience - think streamlined instead of sloppy.

That you're business is truly one-of-a-kind, thanks to a refined brand, you're standing head and shoulders above the rest in your industry like never before.

That you have a designer and messaging specialist on your team, but you have their ongoing support and guidance long after your project is complete.


Why partner with freckled design studio?

My branding approach is deeply rooted in understanding why, who and how.

Why are you in business? Who do you serve best? How does your service change their lives?

Through careful research and considered strategy, we build a brand that is more than simply decorative. We build a brand that is effective in communicating your goals and values, is tailored to your ideal audience and focused on the qualities that make you stand out in your industry.

This holistic approach delivers a professionally and thoughtfully styled brand that is compelling and refined, providing you with everything you need to draw the right crowd, feel confident in your marketing efforts and build trust.

Freckled Design Studio cultivates meaningful and collaborative partnerships where clients become friends through a process of guiding, listening and careful, measured problem solving.

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We'd make a great partnership if

Your business has been around for 2+ years and you feel ready to invest in creating a cohesive, compelling brand that will see you through years of growth and success.

You understand the value of refined design in attracting and converting your ideal audience and separating and establishing yourself as a professional in your saturated industry.

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Meet your designer and brand strategist

Oh hey, I’m Lorin Galloway, a brand stylist and messaging specialist on a mission to empower female creative entrepreneurs, like yourself, to embrace and boldly share your brand story by crafting a visual language that is both compelling and strategic. One that’s truly aligned with your business goals, a true reflection of your brand values and emotionally connecting you to your ideal audience.

I work from my studio in Cape Town, South Africa, with business owners all over the world who are ready to stand behind their brand with an unmatched confidence knowing it’s refined and beautiful design is built up from a solid foundation of understanding and strategy.

kind words from amazing clients

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after we wrap it up

You'll be confident and comfortable launching your brand to an audience that loves you with


brand clarity

You'll have a thorough and comprehensive understanding of your business, from your why to what sets you apart to your ideal client. This kind of clarity comes with an immense amount of confidence and pride. You did some beautiful deep-digging and you're rewarded with an unbridled understanding of who you are, where you're going and how to best get there. 

Brand Strategy

This process takes you so much deeper and further than a visual identity. Together, we develop a strategy that will allow your business to reach your ideal audience through on- and offline communication, verbal and written. Established during the first phase of the project, this informs the creative brief and sets the tone for the design phase.

Brand Identity

A beautifully styled brand that includes a primary logo and all alternate logo marks, submarks for smaller applications, custom patterns and textures for print and web use, font suggestions and styling. Pair that with a perfectly balanced colour palette and you have a refined visual language that's backed by intention and strategy to target your ideal audience.

Marketing Pieces

We finish off the design phase by styling the ways which your audience will interact with your brand. From your blog graphics to your proposal documents to your website, every application is carefully designed to add depth and richness to your brand experience.

Strategy Manual and Brand Book

This is a meaningful guide to representing your brand. It covers and includes your mission statement, a breakdown of your brand values, your personality attributes, communication goals, guide to your brand voice, buzzwords and copywriting springboard and ideal client profile. Also included is all the guidelines you'll need to using your grpahic library, so that you can manage your brand with confidence and cohesion moving forward

Ongoing support and guidance

My favourite client is the one that becomes a friend and being there to support you through your future design or business needs, share a cup of coffee of glass of wine, chat business or life is probably my favourite part of the process. 



My brand styling package isn't a one-size fits all approach, and each project is quoted individually for your specific business needs. 

Starts at $2500

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let’s recap

You + Me = a compelling and strategic brand

with a visual language that delights, engages and converts.

That's pretty amazing. Just. Like. You.