The Story of Your Brand

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this powerful and comprehensive guidebook for?

For entrepreneurs who don’t currently feel super confident in their brand, are struggling to reach an audience that feels right, make sales and build trust. You’ve reached a pivot point in your business where you’re not comfortable or proud of your current brand experience, you’ve had a shift in your audience, products or offerings.

Does this work best for product- or service-based business models?

Truthfully, both business models would benefit from this guidebook and the brand clarity it provides. Whether you’re selling products or services, it’s important to know your audience well, to be able to set yourself apart in your industry and feel confident in your brand.

When is a good time to invest in this guidebook?

If you’re experiencing an overall lack of clarity, an inablitiy to reach high-level goals, or low audience engagement and conversion, now is good time.
These are some experiences that are probably your reality right now:

~ Strategy feels like a dirty word, or at least, one that you have no chance of successfully implementing by yourself.
~ You can’t afford to work with a mentor, strategist or brand designer and developer right now but know that you need help to propel your business in the right direction.
~ Your marketing is difficult at best and ineffecient at worst, often leading to bouts of imposter syndrome and feelings of inadequacy and failure.
~ Your brand voice feels all over the show — you never really know what to say or how to say it in a way that moves your audience closer to buying from you.
~ You don’t have systems and processes in place to run your business and the behind-the-screen version is a little more than embarrassing.
~ Reaching and connecting with an audience who feels right and are excited and engaged feels like a distant dream, mostly because you’re not sure who that elusive ideal is in the first place.

What do I get when investing in this guidebook?

You get a clear, focussed understanding of the inside of your brand paired with a clear, focussed path forward; a solid grasp of your brand values and what they mean in your business and to your audience; consistent, high-quality content as a result of clearly defined communication goals.
What your reality would look like after working through the guidebook:
~ You’re able to exercise a natural and easy-to-use brand voice by easily referencing your copywriting launchpad everytime you need to write marketing copy.
~ You’re building trust with your audience as a result of keeping cohesive and consistent across all platforms, verbal and written, on- and offline.
~ You’re speaking to your ideal audience because you actually know and understand them in a way that matters thanks to a bulleted, detailed and ultra-specific audience profile.
~ You’re standing out in your industry since you’ve defined exactly what sets you apart and you’re learning how to leverage it to differentiate yourself from your peers.
~ You’re on top and in control of your finances with a forecasting and budgeting template that’s easy to use and understand.
~ You’re working towards your high-level goals as a result of a detailed action plan and project management system that works for you.

How does the guidebook work?

It’s made up of 3 parts:
Your Brand Story
In the first section, we’ll be extracting some all important information about you, your brand, your clients and what makes you so stand-out-ish!
Your Brand Strategy
In the second section, we’ll be using the extracted information and strategising it to first, see how all of the elements come together to form a full (and beautiful) picture for you to share with your audience, and second, to give you some serious arse-kicking confidence when it comes to knowing the inner workings of your brand.
Your Journey Forward
In the third section, we’ll dig in to how to make the most use of this information and we’ll make plans for the future. Yip, goals! Real, specific and actionable goals.

What chapters does this guidebook include:

Ideal Clients | Mission Statement | Your Business Tagline | Brand Values | Setting Yourself Apart | Brand Personality | Communication Goals | My Brand Voice | Brand Buzzwords | Copy Springboard | Strengths | Your Offerings | Your Journey Forward | Defining Success | Reaching your goals | Setting up a Project Management System | Working With Your Finances | Invoicing and Book-Keeping | Forecasting and Budgeting | Taxes and PAYE | Using your Strategy Manual

Does this guidebook include any lessons on designing visual branding?

Nope, this guidebook is not about your visual branding and won't teach you how to create a logo for your business. It will, rather, set you up to fully understand your brand through it's values, your people (or ideal audience), offerings and it's unique selling point. It's about the real, raw beautiful part of your brand that goes on to direct the visual branding.

Does the purchase of this guidebook include any done-for-you design?

Nope, this product does not include any design services. It's going to help you develop and refine your brand story so that you can go forward and either DIY your brand yourself or hire a professional who resonates with you.

What’s your return policy?

I have worked to create something I am extremely proud of in this product. However, your happiness and peace of mind are really important to me. If you have worked through the complete guidebook and have not found value in its content, please contact me directly on lorin@freckleddesignstudio.com no more than 7 days after you have bought it to be considered for a refund.

My schedule is pretty full! How long will it take me to go through this guidebook?

Your time is super valuable, so I've made sure you can pause and come back at any point. I've even included a mandatory break away. You can either do a bit each night, in which case it could take you around 2-3 weeks. Or you could devote a week of evenings and a weekend. But I'm pretty sure once you start this journey, you'll have a tough time stepping away from all the Ah-Ha moments!

How do I know if this is right for me, right now?

If you've made it this far on the page, the chances are astronomical that the content of this guidebook will resonate with you on so many levels. But, if you're feeling unsure and would like a personal opinion, send an email to lorin@freckleddesignstudio.com and I'll let you know whether it'd be a good fit for your current circumstance.

I’m seeing quite a few blank, white pages in my PDF! Why?

Because I believe in the power of hand-writing, I've made the guidebook to be a printable book. Those white pages ensure the double sided printing works well and act as spacers on the left-hand pages. Happy writing!

Got questions I didn’t answer?

I’m always happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have! You can send an email to lorin@freckleddesignstudio.com and I’ll be sure to answer them as best I can.