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A boutique graphic design studio in Cape Town, South Africa, that specialises in brand styling and packaging design for small business & creative entrepreneurs

brand design and development studio

for the passionate, enthusiastic and big dreamer entrepreneur

with a knack for making strategy easy to understand and implement

Through careful research and considered strategy, we build a brand that is more than simply decorative. We build a brand that is effective in communicating your goals and values, is tailored to your ideal audience and focused on the qualities that make you stand out in your industry. A brand that tells your story in the most compelling, beautiful and refined way.

So that you can get back to doing what you really do best (serving your clients as only you can) while drawing the right crowd, feeling confident in your marketing efforts and building trust with an audience who just feels right.

The story of your brand by freckled design studio

You need a brand you can stand behind.

One that you're confident in. One that supports the amazing vision you have for your business. Not one you're embarrassed by, one that fights against your dreams and one where everything just feels so. overwhelmingly. difficult. You know, the one you currently have? Because, at the very heart of it all, what you really need is strategy.


My mission

Freckled Design Studio works to empower entrepreneurs with a strategic and compelling visual identity through the intimate understanding of their brand so that they are able to confidently and emotionally connect with an audience who love their work and share their values.


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Lorin Galloway of Freckled Design Studio

Meet your designer and brand strategist

Oh hey, I’m Lorin Galloway, a brand designer and strategist on a mission to empower passionate, enthusiastic and big-dreamer creative entrepreneurs, like yourself, to embrace and boldly share your brand story by crafting a visual language that is both compelling and strategic. One that’s truly aligned with your business goals, a true reflection of your brand values and emotionally connecting you to your ideal audience.

I work from my studio in Cape Town, South Africa, with business owners all over the world who are ready to stand behind their brand with an unmatched confidence knowing it’s refined and beautiful design is built up from a solid foundation of understanding and strategy.


Free e-course

Get behind your brand with confidence and clarity

A 5-day course that guide you through the discovery of your mission, values, ideal clients and communication goals so that you can develop your own strategy manual and deliver high-quality consistent content that connects and converts.

Ps. I wholeheartedly respect your privacy. I will never sell or share your information with anyone.
That shit’s just not cool.


are you ready to share your brand story through a

compelling and strategic visual identity that’s truly aligned with your business goals and tailored to your ideal audience?