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CGS Creative Brand Styling by Freckled Design Studio


To transition the City Girl Searching lifestyle blog into a profitable business offering photography services, stock photographs and online courses. The challenge is turning their loyal and large readership into paying customers/subscribers through an effective sales funnel. 


We aim to do this by creating professional branding and a cohesive and consistent online presence that will draw their reader first to their free offerings (blog, email courses), then to stock photography through their monthly subscriptions and paid online courses. Eventually, the goal is for these readers/clients to hire CGS Creative for custom photography for their business. They will only do this once they established trust in their skills and expertise which will be showcased through the CGS Creative Instagram feed and challenges, resourceful blog posts and email courses.

The primary logo is a vertical stacked option with custom typography for the CGS and a clean sans serif for Creative. The horizontal option is great for smaller applications like invoices and proposals. The circular submark is great for profile images, watermarks and enhancing brand awareness on printed media.

Using the soft and feminine graphics, we created 2 leaf patterns and 1 monogram pattern. These work seamlessly for any print and web touchpoints, like the raffle cards and blog graphics. The texture is a soft grunge-style peach paper perfect for muted background applications.

2 sub logos were created for the City Girl Searching Blog and Stock With Heart subscription site.

The CGS Creative brand is

Feminine + Playful + Elegant + Delightful + Kind-hearted + Creative + Calm + Bright + Clean + Trustworthy