Dark Wild Waters

Dark Wild Waters

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Dark Wild Waters Brand Styling by Freckled Design Studio


Marisa has a passion for creating sales and marketing collateral as well as product packaging for clients who have an existing brand identity. Together, our goal was to craft a brand that reflects her skills and expertise as a print designer while attracting her dream clients.


With a strong logo-mark and memorable supporting elements, we will reflect the values and aesthetic of Marisa's brave and adventurous spirit and appeal to clients who have a strong interest in nature, conservation and travel.

The primary logo is a circular option with geometric elements, a pentagon highlighting the 5 facets of her brand and hand-style lettering. The wordmark option is great for smaller applications like invoices and proposals. The smaller and simpler submarks are great for profile images, watermarks and enhancing brand awareness on printed media.

Using the geometric elements from the logo, a custom tribal style pattern was created. The 2 textures include a muted cement and dark inky wash. All 3 can be used in print and web touchpoints to enahnce the brand aesthetic.

The dark wild waters brand is

Reliable + Substantia + Adventure + Interesting + Steady + Helpful + Understanding + Approachable + Energetic + Brave