Lacquered Living

Lacquered Living

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Lacquered Living Brand Styling by Freckled Design Studio


To successfully merge Shané's services as a virtual assistant and makeup artist. The main challenge is to create a brand that appeals to and engages her dream clients for both aspects of her business, focussing on the overlap between the 2. 


By looking at the overlap of her ideal clients for each facet of her unique business, we created a strong feminine visual identity that speaks to fashion and trends (without being trendy itself) and has a highly polished and 'put-together' appeal. 

The primary logo includes an illustrative hand-lettered monogram layered above a sophisticated sans serif wordmark. The horizontal version allows for the brand to remain consistent in alternate uses and the submarks represent the brand in smaller spaces. 

These custom patterns include a chic monogram option, a strong yet feminine geometric design and a brush stroke look to tie in with the logomark. The marble texture incorporates the main brand colours and reiterates the classy, refined aesthetic.

The lacquered living brand is

Bespoke + Sophisticated + Trendy + Chic + Polished + Minimalist + Methodical + Reliable + Innovative + Driven