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LaFontaine Cosmetics

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LaFontaine Cosmetics Brand Styling by Freckled Design Studio


LaFontaine Cosmetics saw a gap in the American market for mid-range luxury cosmetic and skincare products. We had to create a brand from scratch, which has evolved over the last 2 years as their business has grown into a six figure online brand. Our goal was to create a brand identity that would speak of luxury, affordability and the modern woman. It had to reflect their creativity and great customer service while attracting the right customers.


With a strong monochromatic design base and accents of rich gold foil, we reflect the brand values of luxury, modernity and quality. Taking this brand styling through their online store, print packaging and business stationery we create a cohesive and memorable brand appealing to customers who have a strong interest in skincare, fashion and overall well-being.

The primary logo is a simplified version of their original brand styling. By using only a sans serif font and removing the engraved style illustrations, we have created a minimal and modern branding solution. Where possible on their packaging this is stamped in gold foil on either a white or black background. The circular submark is great for retaining brand consistency in smaller spaces such as profile images and stamps.

The leaf pattern speaks to the natural philosophy of the brand, while the gold foil reitertes its luxury feel.

the lafontaine cosmetics brand is

Luxurious + Refined + Classic + Quality + Affordable + Modern + Understanding + Approachable