Liren May

Liren May

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Liren May Brand Styling by Freckled Design Studio


The goal is to develop a brand that connects with her ideal customers through the telling of her story of female empowerment, value and quality. The core values of strength, independence and approachability should be conveyed through a sleek, modern and timeless brand identity.

This will further be reiterated through her professional and friendly service, first online and possibly through her own brick-and-mortar store in the future. The challenge will be establishing a customer base and can be tackled through a strong online presence, guest posting/blogging or features on fashion and lifestyle blogs whose readership would be interested in her brand and sharing her knowledge of shoes/fashion as well as giving tips and advice through her own website.


A strong serif typeface is used as the wordmark, to create a modern and classic look that is lasting, refined and feminine.

This is paired with a custom cursive monogram, reiterating the femininity and bringing a feeling of refinement and tradition to the logo. The tagline (used for the packaging) is designed in italics for contrast and hierarchy of information.

The patterns are geometric in nature, with a twist of fun colour and modern design to add youth and approachability.

The Liren May brand is

womanly + sleek + elegant + simple + strong + approachable + unique + stylish + empowering + sanguine