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Mademoiselle Nomad Brand Styling by Freckled Design Studio


The primary goal was to develop a visual branding system that will attract and engage an audience who is interested in purchasing Bea's online products and booking her coaching packages. Ideally, they are loyal readers turned clients.

It should also embody her love of authenticity, a lifestyle of travel and nomad living and slow living philosophy.


In keeping with the play between organic and geometric, feminine and modern, sophisticated and natural, I created a custom hand-lettered logo. This unique lettering is feminine without being girly, and has a solid smooth use of colour, steering clear of any trendy watercolour looks. 

This is paired with a clean and modern sans serif with lots of breathing room between each letterform. It’s flanked on either side with a descriptor in gold - travel and stories. This is the core nature of her blog, in combination with the slow living philosophy and really frames her writing. 

Behind the typography, there is a light hand-drawn palm leaf shape. The edges maintain slight imperfections, as nature is perfect in its flaws. This speaks to her homeland of Mauritius, her love of the outdoors and the important role of foliage in her life philosophy.

The colour palette is classic rich black, paired with a darker blue and bright turquoise, bringing with it summer and the ocean. The touch of coral warms the palette up, allowing great contrast. The use of gold as an accent colour brings sophistication and elegance without being pretentious or uppity.

The alternate logo is a classic and timeless iteration of the logo, with the organic yet geometric oval shape framing the typography and leaf shape.

The leaf from the logo is used to create her brand pattern in a classic tropical white and turquoise. The grey pattern is of arabesque inspiration, the geometric forms pairing well with the organic and free-form palm pattern.

I created a set of custom mouse-made illustrations that speak to the heart of her brand: travel, food, love letters, sights. They have been used to create two patterns. One is a letter themed design and the other features her alternate logo and icons in gold on a blue background.

The Mademoiselle nomad brand is

refined + cultured + poised + minimalist + stylish + beautiful + lovely + classic + resourceful + inspiring