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Sageroots Brand Styling by Freckled Design Studio


The ladies behind the Caribbean hair and skincare brand were looking to create a professional brand that they could use to create packaging for their new product lines and pitch to local retailers to start stocking their brand on shelves. Our goal was to create a strong visual brand and packaging that reflects their professional service and high-quality, natural products and would appeal to customers who have a strong interest in beauty, overall physical health and the environment.


Drawing inspiration from their local environment, we incorporated bright ocean hues, fluid and custom hand-lettering and natural textures and patterns of wood and flora. The identity needed to translate well to packaging and be particularly striking in their online store.

The primary logo is a hand-lettered monogram encircled with their brand name and tagline. While the circular design was a great option for the packaging labels it could be restricting and the horizontal version would allow greater flexibility and maintain consistency across various design needs. 

We settled on 5 custom patterns to help differentiate between the various ranges Sageroots offer. These vary from the soft leafy pattern used on the baby products to a bold tropical pattern using all the brand colours to a strong masculine navy chevron design for the mens' range.

The sageroots brand is

Natural + Honest + Authentic + Fresh + Artisan + Expertise + Simple + Healthy + Fashion + Quality


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