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A boutique graphic design studio in Cape Town, South Africa, that specialises in brand styling and packaging design for small business & creative entrepreneurs
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Freckled Design Studio specialises in the space where strategy and design intersect to create meaningful brand stories.

This means together we extract and strategise the deeper meaning of your brand and then craft a thoughtful visual brand that has all the impact.

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How I can partner with you on this journey


Brand Clarity

Through the Your Brand Story Workbook, I’ll guide you through questions and exercises that will help you understand your business intimately. This kind of clarity comes with a great amount of  confidence and pride. Your deep-digging is rewarded with an unbridled understanding of what you do, why you do it and who you do it for.


Brand Strategy

This process takes you so much deeper and further than a visual identity. Together, we develop a strategy that will allow your business to reach your ideal audience through on- and offline communication, verbal and written. Established during the first phase of the project, this informs the creative brief and sets the tone for the design phase.


Brand Identity

A beautifully styled brand that includes a primary logo and all alternate logo marks, submarks for smaller applications, custom patterns and textures for print and web use, font suggestions and styling. Pair that with a perfectly balanced colour palette and you have a refined visual language that’s backed by intention and strategy to target your ideal audience.


Marketing Pieces

We finish off the design phase by styling the ways which your audience will interact with your brand. From your blog graphics to your proposal documents to your website, every application is carefully designed to add depth and richness to your brand experience.


Hungry for more details?

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Or, maybe you’re not quite ready to invest in branding, yet.

Visual branding is a big investment and only makes sense if your business is ready for it. If you feel you’re not quite there yet, but still want all the clarity and strategy, then you’ll want The Story of Your Brand.

This is the strategic support you’ve been yearning for. This guidebook walks you through developing and strategising your brand story, from values, to voice, to goal setting, to defining success, to reaching your goals. Its 131 pages are filled with worksheets, templates and hand-holding guidance so you can develop a completely aligned vision for your brand before embarking on visual branding journey. All the strategy, none of the design (just yet).