Cultivating confidence through brand intimacy

So you’re not ready to invest in branding, just.quite.yet. But you value the same level of support and guidance.

You need clarity, without spending time you don’t have (hello eternal mom-juggle) cobbling little bits of information together, gathered from various sources you’ve downloaded for free.

It’s not a matter of desire. You unequivocally need to feel confident in your vision and your dreams for your business.

 I take this shit seriously. The emotional side of your business.

And I take my role as a partner in your brand journey seriously, taking all the difficult how-tos and what-ifs and wtfs off your plate and providing a comprehensive resource on establishing a brand you’re proud of.

Insanely proud of.


Each strategy client gets

Brand Intimacy

An intensive discovery process that results in major and emotional ah-ha moments. I give you the resources, provide the space and extend the grace for you to make these discoveries about yourself and your dreams. This level of clarity is what I call brand intimacy and is rewarded with an unbridled understanding of what you do, why it’s important and who you do it for, along with mission, values, brand keywords, your people and competition, brand voice, personality attributes and communication goals.

Brand Strategy

A curation and refinement of your deep-digging, I’ll take your journey of discovery and craft it into a brand strategy that makes sense. One that you’ll find easy to understand and easy to implement. This is the true heart of the project and where I develop your brand goal and creative direction from. It is what every single design should measured against, allowing for the development of a brand that is deep and meaningful.

Creative Direction

If you’re planning on DIY-ing your own designs, you’ll have a good foundation in an established creative direction. This includes a mood or inspiration board for the brand, a breakdown of the overall mood and energy all designs should embody and a suggested colour story. Pretty much all you need to gather stock photos and create on-brand graphics for your social media marketing efforts (on Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook).

Strategy Manual

This book is yours to keep and reference as you journey onward in your business, detailing the heart of your brand, the strategy behind it all and the creative direction that should be leading the way and attracting your people. Using this little bible will help you create a cohesive and consistent voice and presence in your marketing efforts, ensure the graphic elements you create are held to a particular brand standard keep you aligned to your vision and your people at all times.


 Built with my new businesswomen in mind, this strategy support is everything my design clients work through before we start designing. I work with you to understand your brand intimately, curating your thoughts and desires into a fun, understandable and easy-to-use strategy. You’ll gain clarity, direction and a brand goal and aesthetic, to help you develop a sustainable brand.


 You deserve a brand you are insanely proud of!


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