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Mademoiselle Nomad

At some point in my business, I realized that I had evolved as the founder, and I wanted to align my brand to the new direction my life was taking.

I had no reservations about my brand refresh because I worked with Lorin before and absolutely loved how she effortlessly captured the essence of what my brand is about and turned it into a beautiful visual brand identity that not only made my heart skip a beat each time I see it, but also delighted my audience.

Working with the Strategy Manual helped me get crystal clarity about brand values, and various other elements that I wouldn’t normally think about. There’s a lot I learned through them and have found the information so valuable that I now apply it to any other creative endeavour!

Thank you Lorin for allowing me to be truly authentic and for being so understanding, patient, and treating my business as if it were your own, with so much love and enthusiasm. It’s always a pleasure to work with you!

Beatrice Mangar

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