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You’re not quite ready to invest in branding, just yet. But you do know that you need the clarity and strategy that is painfully lacking in your business right now.


Because you’re scuttling to implement so-called “tried and tested” formulas being sold to you at every turn and you’re easily lured by promises of quick fixes and multiple-figure launches.

It’s not your fault. And it’s also not your fault that these don’t seem to work, despite fierce determination, passion and enthusiasm.

Because you don’t need formulas and promises. Or even multiple-figure anything.


You need strategy. And clarity. And a deep, intimate understanding of your brand and your audience.

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So what makes it different?

First, let’s just get comfortable with the fact that I’m not promising you any quick fixes. I’m not sharing formulas that I promise will give you certain metrics in a certain time frame.


Rather, I’m promising that investing the time and energy in your brand will never go unrewarded. I’m promising that knowing your brand and audience intimately are invaluable. That the return on getting behind your brand with an unmatched confidence is immeasurable. That making space for your brand to come into its own will not be something you will ever regret.

This is the strategic support you’ve been yearning for. This guidebook walks you through developing and strategising your brand story, from values, to voice, to goal setting, to defining success, to reaching your goals. Its 131 pages are filled with worksheets, templates and hand-holding guidance so you can develop a completely aligned vision for your brand before embarking on visual branding journey. All the strategy and none of the design (just yet).

You should have lots of questions, because investing in yourself and your business isn’t something you make rash decisions on. So I’ve got lots of answers for you.


done with those q+a’s?

And ready to discover the story of your brand?