The Story of Your Brand

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this guidebook for?

This guidebook is a great investment for any business owner who does currently not feel super confident in their brand, is struggling to reach an audience, make sales and build trust. It works best when you find yourself at a transitional point: you've realised that your current brand is not one you're confident in or proud of and you want to develop a brand story that is meaningful. This could be a new business owner or a seasoned entrepreneur who has had a shift in their offerings, products or audience.

Is this guidebook for product- or service-based businesses?

The short answer: both! This guidebook really helps you refine what exactly you offer and how you provide value to your clients. It even teaches you how to develop your unique selling point. It's about reaching an audience who values you and your skills and your story, regardless of your service or product.

Does this product include lessons on designing visual branding?

Nope, this guidebook is not about your visual branding and won't teach you how to create a logo for your business. It will, rather, set you up to full understand your brand through it's values, ideal audience, offerings and it's unique selling point. It's about the real, raw beautiful part of your brand that goes on to direct the visual branding.

Does this product include any done-for-you design?

Nope, this product does not include any design services. It's going to help you develop and refine your brand story so that you can go forward and either DIY your brand yourself or hire a professional who resonates with you.

What's your return policy?

I have worked to create something I am extremely proud of in this product. However, your happiness and peace of mind are really important to me. If you have worked through the complete guidebook and have not found value in its content, please contact me directly on no more than 7 days after you have bought it to be considered for a refund.

I have a pretty full schedule! How long will it take me to work through this guidebook?

Your time is super valuable, so I've made sure you can pause and come back at any point. I've even included a mandatory break away. You either do a bit each night, in which case it could take you around 2-3 weeks. Or you could devote a week of evenings and a weekend. But I'm pretty sure once you start this journey, you'll have a tough time stepping away from all the Ah-Ha moments!

I am saving up to work with a business strategist. Would I still need to if I bought this?

That is totally up to you. I don't recommend working with a strategist or coach at the same time as going through this guidebook unless you do so together, because that could lead to some confusion. However, if you've been dreaming about working with one but don't yet have the funds available to invest in their services, this a great alternative that will propel you in the right path. Level up and work through this with a friend or in your mastermind to leverage the spirit of community and allow for guidance and brainstorming.

How do I know this is the right fit for me right now?

If you've made it this far on the page, the chances are astronomical that the content of this guidebook will resonate with you on so many levels. But, if you're feeling unsure and would like a personal opinion, send an email to and I'll let you know whether it'd be a good fit for your current circumstance.

I'm seeing quite a few blank white pages in my PDF. Why?

Because I believe in the power of hand-writing, I've made the guidebook to be a printable book. Those white pages ensure the double sided printing works well and act as spacers on the left-hand pages!

Got questions I didn't answer?

Send an email to with your questions and I'll be sure to answer them!