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Let’s cut to the chase.

You want a brand you can stand behind. One that you’re confident in. One that supports the amazing vision you have for your business. Not one you’re embarrassed by, one that doesn’t connect with an audience that pays and one where everything just feels so. overwhelmingly. difficult.

You know, the one you currently have?

Where you’re scuttling to implement all of these so-called “tried and tested” formulas being sold to you at every turn. Where you’re made promises of quick fixes and multiple figure launches. And where, despite all of that, combined with your fierce determination, passion and enthusiasm, long-term success, fulfillment and happiness seem far away.


Because, at the very heart of it all, what you really need, is strategy.


What you're experiencing

  • An overall lack of clarity and focus

  • An inability to reach high-level goals

  • Low audience engagement and conversion


What your reality looks like right now

  • Strategy feels like a dirty word or, at least, one that you have no chance of successfully implementing by yourself

  • You can’t afford to work with a mentor, strategist or brand stylist right now but know that you need help to propel your business in the right direction

  • Your marketing is difficult at best and inefficient at worst, often leading to your bouts of experiencing Imposter Syndrome

  • You’re looking outward to others in your industry to define success, rather than inward to what success would really look like to you

  • Your brand voice feels all over the show - never really knowing what to say or how to say it in a way that moves you closer to your goals

  • You don’t have systems and processes in place to run your business and the behind-the-screen version is a little more than embarrassing

  • Reaching and connecting with your ideal clients seems like a distant dream, mostly because you’re not sure who that elusive ideal client is in the first place


what you deserve

  • A clear, focused understanding of the inside of your brand paired with a clear, focused path forward

  • A solid grasp of your brand values and what they mean in your business and to your clients

  • Consistent, high quality content as a result of clearly defined communication goals

What your reality will look like right after working through the guidebook

  • You’re exercising that natural and easy-to-use brand voice by easily referencing your copywriting launchpad everytime you need to write up

  • You’re building trust with your audience thanks to your strategy manual which helps you keep consistent across all platforms: on- and offline, verbal and written

  • You’re speaking to your ideal clients directly now that you know exactly who they are thanks to a bulleted, detailed and ultra-specific client profile that’s usable

  • You’re standing out in your industry since you’ve defined exactly what sets you apart - and leveraging it to differentiate yourself from your peers

  • You’re on top (and in control) of your finances with a forecasting and budgeting template that’s easy to use and understand

  • You’re working towards your high-level goals everyday thanks to a project management system you implemented with action steps and due dates for each one


how does this work

What’s included in the guidebook that it allows me to get behind me brand with confidence and clarity?

 This book is made up of three parts


Your Brand Story

In the first section, we’ll be extracting some all important information about you, your brand, your clients and what makes you so stand-out-ish!

Your Brand Strategy

In the second section, we’ll be using the extracted information and strategising it to first, see how all of the elements come together to form a full (and beautiful) picture for you to share with your audience, and second, to give you some serious arse-kicking confidence when it comes to knowing the inner workings of your brand.

Your Journey Forward

In the third section, we’ll dig in to how to make the most use of this information and we’ll make plans for the future. Yip, goals! Real, specific and actionable goals.


This means that by the time you reach page 131, you’ll be armed and ready to enter (or re-enter) your market with a cohesive brand voice, a crystal clear brand identity and a plan of action to get you in front of those ideal clients!


Chapters + content


Ideal Clients

Mission Statement

Your Business Tagline

Brand Values

Setting Yourself Apart

Brand Personality

Communication Goals

My Brand Voice

Brand Buzzwords

Copy Springboard


Your Offerings

Your Journey Forward

Defining Success

Reaching your goals

Setting up a Project Management System

Working With Your Finances

Invoicing and Book-Keeping

Forecasting and Budgeting

Taxes and PAYE

Using your Strategy Manual


are you ready to discover

the story of your brand?