Tools to keep your business and life organised

It’s no secret I’m a big fan of making things easier.

Life with a little? Hello babywearing. Turning to your fridge and stove top at 8pm wishing they’d whisper dinner ideas at you? Hello meal planning.  You’re with me, right?

So, if you like to keep things easy to follow and execute, this list is for you!

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Defining Your Ideal Clients

A journey to connecting with them on a deeper level

So, if you’ve been in these online entrepreneurial circles for any amount of time, you’d have over-heard the terms ideal client and dream client.

Not, like, overheard someone whisper these to their friend. No, you’d have heard these terms one thousand times over.

It became some sort of hot topic and trendy phrase that quickly trampled target audience because, probably, it speaks to a deeper connection that we foster with our community. And, of course, dreamy clients for a dreamy business with dreamy goals.

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What 3 years as a business owner has taught me about systems

Okay, if you don’t read any of the words below this image, read this: if you’re a new business owner you need systems more than you currently know.

You probably feel like since you’re feeling your way around this whole entrepreneur thing you’re just going to wing it. Day to day, month to month. See what works and what doesn’t and then adjust.

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Differentiating yourself in a sea of online entrepreneurs

In this amazing digital age we live in, the most challenging part of running your business may be making yourself visible and setting yourself apart in your saturated industry. And if you’re struggling to book clients because you’re disappearing into the noise that can be the online entrepreneurial community, you need to face that challenge head on. Today.

So let’s dive into how you can differentiate yourself, connect meaningfully with your audience and build trust in your brand.

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