My journey started with a need for authentic connections, a sense of value and pride in my work. I was searching for a place I could call home, grow in and develop my skills. A place where I would make valuable connections and friends and become part of a community.

I needed more - lots more. I wanted to be a part of something greater than myself.

The start of my entrepreneurial journey wasn’t sleek and glamorous. It was clumsy and fraught with trial and error. With no real guiding hand, I trudged along for over a year on my own, trying to tie down my services, prices and brand.

I wanted a business best friend. Not just a cheerleader who knew what it meant (and took) to be a successful online entrepreneur, but someone who could help me tune out the noise and fine-tune the brand I dreamed of having.

I didn’t just want it. I deserved it, just like you.

I’m on a mission to help you feel that sense of community. To share your passions, to challenge you and work with you to focus your brand. To share your biggest goals and dreams. And then draw the inside of your brand out and create a visual branding system that doesn’t just delight your senses, but speaks your language, shares your values and engages your dream audience.




lorin galloway

Hi, I'm Lorin. An entrepreneur, designer, creative director, pattern enthusiast and your business bestie based in Cape Town, South Africa. Specialising in brand identity, custom pattern design and packaging, I’m on a mission to create a visual language for your brand that delights and engages.

My journey to full-time freelance and entrepreneur was awkward but created within me a passion for working with other creatives and freelancers. To give them the tools they need to define and develop an exceptional brand that will grow with them. To help create a visual branding system they’re insanely proud of and feel oh-so confident in marketing.

With a sound foundation in everything visual, and a BA Fine Art from Michaelis, UCT, I have always loved in equal measure concept and visual design. The marriage of these with strategy was refined during my time spent as an in-house packaging designer, a bespoke stationery designer and then as a visual branding designer.

I work with the most amazing creatives and entrepreneurs to develop branding and touchpoints for print and screen. These clients mostly love my ability to take their scribbles and create a branding brief and strategy. They also love my over-sharing on all things business and entrepreneurship, which means, among other things, you get a free copy of The Ultimate Freelance Preparation Workbook when you book one of my design packages.


brand values

Business, like life, is all about the balance. It's about prioritising what I value the most and ensuring I'm always the best designer, wife, mother, daughter and friend I can be. It's about enriching my life with family and friends and allowing space for creativity to grow through the everyday.

I've done away with the superficial. In order to consistently create work with meaning, we dive into the 'inside' of your brand before crafting the 'outside'. This means it's not about decorating or embellishing your brand but translating your story through powerful visuals that are lasting, rich and authentic.

By sharing our passions and knowledge we make space for a community of strong women who are ready to jump in, support and grow with your brand. Working with Freckled Design Studio means you not only gain a new team member who is as invested in your brand as you are, but a business BFF committed to your success.


Now that you know more about me I would love to hear all about you and your brand!